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...with Compassionate Understanding: A Meditation Retreat

...with Compassionate Understanding: A Meditation Retreat
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A Compassionate Attitude encourages us not to cause harm or difficulty for ourselves or others. The more we develop Compassion within, the more we see that Mindfulness is an extremely valuable way to develop our Understanding of Life in all aspects. Then, with this Understanding, we can work toward increasing beneficial qualities and lessening unbeneficial qualities. This will create the causes and conditions that will produce more Peace, Contentment and deeper Happiness.

This is a complete record of talks from a 10-day Theravadin Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Retreat, by Rosemary & Steve Weissman, teachers of Wat Kow Tahm International Meditation Center, Koh Pah-ngan Island, Thailand, in 1998.

Noted for their ability to blend the Compassion and Wisdom aspects of Buddhism, Steve & Rosemary have taught over 100 retreats to thousands, aged 18-77, from over fifty countries, since 1987.

This book can help new & experienced meditators, Buddhist & non-Buddhists, young & old. These teachings are timeless, helping us to lessen our fear, anger, jealousy, greed, etc.; as well, to become more compassionate, loving, patient, and peaceful.

Since these teachings are over 2,500 years old, they are tried, tested, and work. Even many psychologists and psychotherapists are now finding out about these truths which give the answer to the dilemma that they have been looking for–a better method than suppressing on one hand or expressing (indulging) on the other.

Theravadin Buddhism is called, “The Middle Path”–finding peace of mind through Compassion and Wisdom. This book can be used as an introduction, clarifier or as review. ...with Compassionate Understanding can help each of us to open our hearts and find deeper inner peace.

STEVE and ROSEMARY WEISSMAN have practiced meditation for over 25 years and have been resident meditation teachers at Wat Kow Tahm International Meditation Center in Thailand for over 10 years. This book is a collection of their talks given during 10-day meditation retreats that can be used anywhere by people who wish to open their heart, develop their mind, and find a deep peace that lies within. The practical teachings given are grounded in an understanding of the problems we all face and the vast potential we have to grow beyond our limitations.