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A Tale of Survival: From War Ravaged Europe to the Promise of America

A Tale of Survival: From War Ravaged Europe to the Promise of America
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This is more than the tale of one man's life. It is a personalized story of the 20th century, complete with all of its horror and all of its promise.

American sociologist C. Wright Mills said that the central task of social science is to reveal the intersection of biography and history - the individual and social structure. The story which unfolds in these pages is a vivid illustration of this process - how our chaotic, global environment shapes our lives.

Tom Sanders is born at the epicenter of the world's greatest war. In Hungary, his family survives the Holocaust, the Nazi and Soviet occupations, the bombs, the genocide, and starvation. They escape to Paris, living in abject poverty as stateless refugees. The boy roams the streets, subways and slums, encountering violence and dangerous people. At eighteen, he earns the $50 fare for a one-way ticket from Rotterdam to New York, and ten days later he arrives in New York City, not knowing a single soul in the New World. Surviving life-threatening situations and homelessness, he focuses his drive to receive a Fulbright scholarship and admission to one of the country's finest universities. Soon he learns what the American way of life is all about, including the generosity and courage of the American people, the sports, the parties, the hard work, and the competitive spirit. For the first time in his life, he becomes a citizen - a citizen of the most powerful country in the world. After decades of refugee status and harassment, he becomes an American. For the first time, he belongs somewhere.

As his life as a professor unfolds, Sanders sees his own experiences mirrored in the history of the times, with all of its stormy, sometimes murderous, sometimes joyous explosions. While solidly settled in America, he remains a true citizen of the world. Returning to Europe frequently, friends and family tell him that America is losing its way. Concerned as well, he still can never forget what America has given to him. Through perseverance and dedication, Tom prospers and grows in a country that has given him the space, the freedom, and the opportunities which enable him to keep his faith and to overcome all the challenges that 20th century history has thrown at him. Biography and history.

"Kando has written a fascinating story of his rather hair-raising life as a kid growing up in WWII Hungary. His parents were starving artists in Paris when the Nazis marched in. They had to bolt back to Budapest in a cattle car. Their history takes off from there. The book is essentially a memoir with a blood-freezing escape from the Beastly Hun, and an odyssey afterwards through America. It's an intelligent work, with a great sense of humor." —Ann Weldy Author of / Am A Woman, Odd Girl Out and other books

"Tom's story is an engaging fairy tale that will inspire readers. He touches on so many uncomfortable and realistic themes - marital instability, adultery, pedophilia, poverty, brutality - and he compels the reader to examine his own past. He is confessional, audacious, powerful, and honest, and he offers precisely what is lacking in the book market."— Mary Massaro Author of Happiness And Other Lies, Beyond The Pale and other works

"A gripping and highly entertaining story , and a fascinating narrative of 20th century history, based on the author's eventful life. In Forrest Gump-like fashion, Tom keeps bumping into historical figures and experiencing historical events first-hand. The book is reminiscent of Tom Wolfe's and E.W. Johnson's New Journalism, which mixes journalism and the novel. It is written with humor, multi-cultural sophistication and realism. It captivates the reader, who will recognize places, events and experiences." —Dr. Philip Richard, Professor of Literature
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