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Anderson, Gordon L.

Anderson, Gordon L.
Gordon L. Anderson earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion at the Claremont Graduate University. He has been editor-in-chief of International Journal on World Peace since 1992. He is author of many articles and books, including Philosophy of the United States: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (2004) and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Version 4.0 (2009).

Anderson has a long experience with the analysis of major political systems. In 1985, he organized with Professors Alexander Shtromas, Morton A. Kaplan and 90 sovietologists, in Geneva, Switzerland, a conference on "The Fall of the Soviet Empire: Prospects for Transition to a Post-Soviet World." Observers later stated that this conference not only accurately predicted the end of the Soviet Union, but may have helped guide its peaceful transition. In 1987, in the Philippines, with the guidance of Professors Ilpyong J. Kim and Morton A. Kaplan, a similar study with 90 sinologists was conducted on "China in a New Era: Challenges and Opportunities." Then in 1989, in London, England, with the guidance of Professor Edwards Shils he organized a conference of 90 experts on democratic government titled "Liberal Democratic Societies: The Present State and Future Prospects." He edited Morality and Religion in Liberal Democratic Societies, one of the seven books published from this conference. Anderson also serves as President of the Minnesota Legislative Evaluation Assembly, of which he has been a member evaluating the Minnesota legislature since 1999.
Author's Website: http://blog.ganderson.us


Family in Global Transition, The
ISBN: 1885118066
$19.95 (€19.95)
Morality and Religion in Liberal Democratic Societies
ISBN: 094385296X
$24.95 (€24.95)
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Version 4.0
ISBN: 9781557788863
$19.95 (€19.95)
IJWP 37:4, December 2020, pdf
ISBN: 0742-3640-37-4-E
$8.95 (€8.95)
IJWP 37:3, September 2020, pdf
ISBN: 0742-3640-37-3
$8.95 (€8.95)
IJWP 37:2, June 2020, pdf
ISBN: 0742-3640-37-2-E
$8.95 (€8.95)
IJWP 37:1, March 2020, pdf
ISBN: 0742-3640-37-1-E
$8.95 (€8.95)
IJWP 36:2, June 2019, pdf
ISBN: 0742-3640-36-2
$8.95 (€8.95)

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