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That the twenty-first century will be the “century of Asia” has become an accepted–though still unproven–opinion in many parts of the Western world. Certainly there has been spectacular economic growth with-in the hemisphere over the last several decades. However, it has not been equally shared by the states therein, and rapid economic growth has caused varying degrees of strain in the states in which it has occurred.

There has been heated discussion in the United States as to how to respond to the challenge. While glasnost has diminished the perception of threat from the Soviet Union, the question remains of how to accommodate the interests of the U.S.S.R., itself an Asian-Pacific power with a rightful place in the region, to the interests of the hemisphere as a whole. Additionally, the states of the Asian-Pacific region are experiencing frictions related to trade imbalances and disruptive population flows. There have been violent clashes over the degree and speed of democratimton, and ongoing difficulties concerning issues of unresolved sovereignty. In this volume, ten acknowledged experts in their fields examine the challenges and opportunities for the United States in the Asian-Pacific in the years to come. Among the issues considered are the elements of a prudent stance for the U.S. with regard to the new Sino-Soviet relationship, how to deal with the “two Chinas” issue, the consequences of America’s present policy toward Japan, when and under what circumstances to establish formal diplomatic relations with Vietnam, how to repair the damaged ANZUS alliance and deal with the explosive issue of American military bases abroad, and how America’s damaged prestige in the South Pacific might
be restored.

Table of Contents

Senator Richard G. Lugar

Regional Security in Asia and the Pacific
June Teufel Dreyer

China and Asian Security
Donald S. Zagoria

Contemporary United States-Japan Security Relations: Old Myths, New Realities
Donald C. Hellman

Contemporary United States-Korean Security Relations
Edward A. Olsen

Taiwan: Some Problems of Foreign Relations and Security
Harry G. Gelber

United States-Vietnam Security Issues
Douglas Pike

United States-Philippine Security Relations and Options in a Changing Southeast Asian Context
Lawrence E. Grinter

Security in the Southwest Pacific
Owen Harries

Salvaging the Remnants of ANZUS: Security Trends in the Southwest Pacific
William T. Tow

Notes on Contributors

The analysis is dispassionate and concise. Generalists, experts, and policy will find much food for thought.

JUNE TEUFEL DREYER is professor of politics and director of East Asian programs at the University of Miami.

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