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Biblical Ciphers Unsealed, The: A Revival of the Hebrew Goddess

Biblical Ciphers Unsealed, The: A Revival of the Hebrew Goddess
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“Robertson introduces his translated ciphers of Genesis and I Chronicles with a meticulous exhibition of evidence in support of his thesis. As the reader proceeds, a picture of the biblical world begins to take shape that highlights a struggle between ideas…. Robertson’s findings become quite difficult to resist, and one feels compelled to view the creation of the Bible in a whole new light. Without a doubt, this book signals the need for further research into the biblical namelists.”
—Patricia Heinicke, Author and graduate of the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley

…a startling and tightly reasoned piece of scholarly detection…[Robertson] has brought the subject further down to earth than any of his predecessors. One has a definite sense of a veil lifted, a glimpse into precincts long gathered in darkness and mystery. And it is all refreshingly conveyed.”
—Arthur Vergara, Publisher, DeVorss Publications, ordained minister,
and a member of the advisory board of Science of Mind

It has long been believed that the Bible contains secrets that were encoded into it. The Kabbalists thought this was to prevent the uninitiated from unleashing its magical powers. However, a more realistic explanation for the encryption of information is discovered through the translation of the extensive namelists found in the Bible. The author explains why the ciphers were “veiled,” and from whom. The ciphers read in whole sentences whose meanings are sequential from one sentence to the next. Each cipher is a “book of wisdom,” in the original sense of the Hebrew Hokmah (“wisdom” or “shrewdness”), in that they are concerned with practical matters, such as the conduct of business and politics. Each is a “book of power,” more in a Machiavellian than a Kabbalistic sense, as they often read like instruction manuals in the ancient art of espionage. They represent a window, closed for more than two millennia, which now is open. The view that it offers will be controversial, but it also lets in a refreshing breeze and sheds new light on the contentious development of belief structures that support present-day prejudice and many of our most divisive and undemocratic institutions.

Table of Contents

Chronology of Relevant Events
Map of Pertinent Places


1. The Eanna of the Lady of Uruk
2. Who Wrote the Secret Book?
3. Nabonidus, King of Babylon
4. The Great Goddess
The Serpent
The High Places
Ecstasy, the Threshold of the Divine
The Tantric Emergence
The Sin of Sex
Prostitution in the Ancient World
The Eunuch Priest
5. Yahweh, The Invisible God
The Name Yahweh
The Ark of the Lord
The Cherubim
Sinai, Mountain of the Moon
The Festivals
The Horned Altar
6. Conclusion
Photograph Section


7. The Genesis Cipher
8. An Abridged Dictionary of the Names Occurring in the Book of Genesis
9. The Cipher of One Chronicles
Select Bibliography

DALE N. ROBERTSON has been a lifelong student of comparative religion and has spent more than twenty years in research and in an effort to break the biblical code.