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Building Sino-American Relations

Building Sino-American Relations
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Since June 1989, a critical debate over how the United States government and private sector should
respond to events in the People’s Republic of China has preoccupied American policymakers and
independent experts in international affairs.

This volume represents one of the first systematic attempts to ongoing Sino-American social, economic,
and political relations in the context of the Chinese government’s recent crackdown on domestic social
and political change. The book draws together a number of respected experts on China who argue that,
despite recent tensions between the United States and the PRC, relationships developed between the
two countries in a number of critical areas over the past two decades are far too important to remain
permanently obstructed.

This study presents a systematic and detailed assessment of what are the most salient challenges to
Sino-American relations now confronting policymakers in Washington and Beijing. Each contributor
offers a comprehensive and in-depth perspective for evaluating and adjusting United States policy
toward the Chinese following events in Tiananmen Square.

Table of Contents


Part One: Sino American Relations and Domestic Imperatives
1. The Bush Administration and China: The Development of a Post-Cold War China Policy
Robert S. Ross
2. China and the U.S. Congress: Policy Determinants and Constraints
Robert Sutter
3. Sino-American Relations and Human Rights: June 4 and the Changing Nature of a Bilateral
David Zweig

Part Two: Functional Collaboration
4. The Future of China’s Industrialization Program: Why Should the United States Care?
Dorothy Solinger
5. American Trade Policy toward China
John Frankenstein
6. Minimizing Maximum Regrets: American Interests in Science and Technology Relations with China
Richard P. Suttmeier
7. The Role of Chinese Students at Home and Abroad as a Factor in Sino-American Relations
Stanley Rosen
8. Military Relations: Sanctions or Rapprochement?
June Dreyer

Part Three: Sino-American Relations in the New International Order
9. Domestic Responses to Retreat and Setbacks in the Soviet Union and China
Thomas P. Bernstein
10. Taiwan and Future Sino-American Relations
Harvey J. Feldman
11. The Strategic Triangle Revisited: Virtuous Geometry
Gerald Segal
12. Determinants of PRC Arms Control: Policies in the 1990s
Douglas T. Stuart

WILLIAM T. TOW is senior lecturer of international relations, Department of Government, University
of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

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