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Catholic Spirituality in Focus

Catholic Spirituality in Focus
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"A profoundly thoughtful theological primer and introduction to moral, religious, and spiritual self-improvement, written for Catholics of all walks of life."
--Library Bookwatch, June 2007

"Dr. Saint-Laurent, a long-time instructor in Catholic adult religious instruction, has written a work that skillfully blends practical Christian life with Gospel ideals. He weaves the two together, often adding his personal experiences with seven Christian exemplars which he identifies as models of authentic spirituality. All of them placed the Risen Christ at the center of their lives, and in the best possible sense, brought Jesus' message to those around them.
This book will find an audience among those Catholics searching for a guide to developing their own spiritual life based on the New Testament and the wealth of insights found uniquely in the Christian tradition."
--Charles Frazee, Ph.D., Professor of Church History, Episcopal Theological School at Claremont

"There is something for the curious beginner who is trying to understand the essence of Catholic Christian spirituality, as well as for the educated Catholic who is seeking to enliven the heart of his/her spiritual life through deeper theological reflection. Traces of George’s rich background in theology and the liberal arts are woven throughout the text. The thoughtful and sometimes personal vignettes that introduce the formative figures in each chapter grabbed my attention. Finally, although this book speaks about Catholic spirituality, its framework is inclusive. George introduces his topic by honoring the worldviews of other ‘scriptured religions’ and consistently makes significant connections between figures like Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh. This is a book that will provoke discussion and study well after it has been put down by the reader."
--Sister MaryAnne Huepper, CSJ Center for Spiritual Development, Orange CA

"There is an unembarrassed and clarion declaration of Christ-centered meaning, and a blending of the Christ-centeredness into the whole of our thought and action. Dr. Saint-Laurent’s use of language is masterful. He writes to make the words transparent to the thoughts expressed; you can forget there is an author and listen only to the soul that is speaking out of the pages of his book."
--Denis Mulherin, Ph.D., Physics

Catholic Christianity is a graced path to God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit in the holy church. Catholic spirituality, then, is all about the mystery of divine love. The Lord proclaimed the glad tidings that God is love, and the Gospels testify that he demonstrated this by passing through death to Resurrection for our Redemption.

Catholic spirituality comprises that which characterizes belief in the Father’s love and commitment to that love in Christian discipleship: taking on Christ’s life, thinking by his mind, serving with his heart, and loving through his heart. We can experience the gradual impact of healing, elevating, and transforming love as we put on Christ in the Community.

This book shows the strong influence of Pope Benedict XVI's extraordinary new encyclical of 2006, Deus caritas est, with its remarkable emphasis on Agape love. Catholic Spirituality is finally primarily about love: God’s love, God’s love incarnate in Christ, God’s love demonstrated in Christ’s death and Resurrection, and our response of love for God and for one another. Love is truly the central core of it all; the rest is marvelous detail.
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