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Character & Identity, Vol 2: Sociological Foundation of Literary and Historical Perspectives

Character & Identity, Vol 2: Sociological Foundation of Literary and Historical Perspectives
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Examines the development of identity and character
This book examines the development of identity and character in the context of society. Part I examines personality formation from the rich literature of the social sciences, especially psychology, sociology and anthropology. How is the conscience formed? What is the role of society-the family, the schools, religion, mass media, the state, and globality–in the formation of morally and civically responsible citizens?

Part II looks at historical and literary figures and their own formation in the context of their societies. These include eight influential social leaders–Thatcher, Churchill, Tojo, Mandela, Kenyatta, de Gasperi, Judd, and Tagore–and three literary characters–Cordelia from King Lear, Okwonko from Things Fall Apart, and Ahab from Moby Dick.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Shakespeare’s Cordelia: Commitment to Truth
Diane Dreher
Chapter 2. Okonkwo in His Time: The Demise of a Chief
Charles Larson
Chapter 3. Ahab in Melville’s Moby Dick: A Destructive Quest
James Tuttleton

Chapter 4. The Humility of Margaret Thatcher
Robert Royal
Chapter 5. Harry S. Truman: The Extraordinary Ordinary Man
Stephan Goode
Chapter 6. Winston Churchill: Orator and Student of History
James Muller
Chapter 7. Alcide de Gasperi and the Idea of Christian Democracy
Paolo Guietti
Chapter 8. Jomo Kenyatta: Liberator from Colonialism
Stephen Ndegwa
Chapter 9. Nelson Mandela: Endurance and Reconciliation
Elliot Skinner
Chapter 10. Hideki Tojo: Iron Discipline
Benjamin Llamzon
Chapter 11. Walter H. Judd: Misionary for Freedom
Lee Edwards
Chapter 12. Rabindranath Tagore: The Poet as Educator
Ann Wiles
Chapter 13. America’s Birth at Appomattox
Anne Wortham

Chapter 14. Psychological Perspectives on Early Socialization of Conscience
Tamara Feguson
Chapter 15. The Influence of the Family on the Formation of Selfhood
Tom Kando
Chapter 16. The Role of the Educational Institution on the Formation of Selfhood
Edward Wynne
Chapter 17. The Media, Identity and Personality
Stanley Rothman
Chapter 18. Individuation and Individualism in Global Society: Identity and Character as Elective Strategies
Peter Beyer
Chapter 19. The Baby Boom Generation and the Formation of Selfhood
Dean Hoge
Chapter 20. The Youth Peer Culture and the Cultural Revolution of the Sixties
William Garrett
Chapter 21. The Misbegotten Sixties
Morton A. Kaplan

MORTON A. KAPLAN is distinguished Professor of Political Science emeritus from the University of Chicago and publisher of The World and I magazine. He is the author of many books including System and Process in International Relations, Science, Language, and the Human Condition and Character and Identity.

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