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Enlightenment Process, The: A Guide to Embodied Spiritual Awakening (revised and expanded)

Enlightenment Process, The: A Guide to Embodied Spiritual Awakening (revised and expanded)



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The Enlightenment Process (Amazon Kindle Edition)

"Happiness is being at peace with oneself. The Enlightenment Process is now in a newly revised edition.... With methods to help readers discover enlightenment and get in touch with their consciousness, this is the ideal guide for those seeking to reach the ultimate goal of spiritual oneness. Highly recommended for community library spirituality collections."
--The Midwest Book Review

"Judith Blackstone's The Enlightenment Process carves a clear path through the confusing nature of human life, cutting away the underbrush of our own misconceptions about and resistance to the practice of awakening. I recommend it to anyone–newcomers to the path of meditation and consciousness work, and those who have been studying for years. What a gem of a book, written by one of those rare authors who writes beautifully, from the core of her own experience, and in service of the reader's most noble self."
--Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute, Author of The New American Spirituality and Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

"Judith Blackstone's book is an important contribution to the field of "applied spirituality," shedding light on human possibilities, clarifying many areas that are often confused, and offering practical exercises to explore the nature of consciousness and the human soul. I find that there is much in this book that corresponds with my own experience on the Sufi path."
--Kabir Helminski, Translator of Rumi and author of Living Presence and The Knowing Heart

This new revised and expanded version of The Enlightenment Process describes the process of enlightenment as the gradual realization of our most subtle dimension of unified, all-pervasive consciousness. It also explains how we uncover our authentic selfhood and embodiment at the same time as we arrive at our spiritual oneness with other people, the world and cosmos.

Using a set of simple but effective meditational and physical exercises for "subtle self" work, Judith Blackstone clearly and expertly indicates the way in which we can deepen our spiritual awareness, develop our capacity for contact with other people and reconnect with the world. Her lifetime of experience in depth-psychology, bodywork and kundalini yoga gives this book a distinctive authority and clarity.

Describing Enlightenment
Self and Selflessness
The Healing Process
The Body of Clear Space
Distance and Intimacy
Person and Cosmos
Index to the Exercises