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Establishing Democratic Rule
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In recent years democratization has become a global phenomenon, as authoritarian systems have collapsed in Latin America, Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa. and East Asia. The factors that spark democratization, shape the dynamic transformation of political systems, and effect the success of fledgling democracies have become issues of major scholarly and political interest.

Although a growing number of studies focus on democratization, virtually all examine the process from the national and systemic level. In addition to examining the general process of democratization of various countries, this volume focuses particularly on the role of subnational institutions or groups and the interrelationship between democracy and the degree of political autonomy at regional and local levels of government. Leading experts examine the reemergence of local government in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Senegal, Nigeria, Yugoslavia, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Jane Shapiro Zacek and Ilpyong J. Kim
2. Democratization: The National-Subnational Linkage
Tamara J. Resler and Roger E. Kanet

Part I - Communist Connections
3. Russia at the Grassroots: Reform at the Local and Regional Levels
Rolf H. W. Theen
4. Democratization and Local Government in Poland
Roger E. Kanet and Brian V Souders
5. Yugoslavia’s Pluralist Revolution: The Democratic Prelude to Civil War
Lenard J. Cohen
6. The Changing Content of China’s Democratic Socialist Institutions
Suzanne Ogden

Part II - Developing Countries
7. The Transition to Democracy in Senegal: The Role of Decentralization
Richard Vengroff
8. The Role of Local Governments in Democratization: The Case of Nigeria
Ogwo J. Umeh

Part III - Newly Industrialized Countries
9. Rethinking the Relationship between the Strength of Local Institutions and the Consolidation of Democracy: The Case of Brazil
Lawrence S. Graham
10. Municipal Government in Argentina and Chile: Democratization Processes and Their Causation
Frederick C. Turner
11. Establishing Democratic Rule in South Korea: Local Autonomy and Democracy
Ilpyong J. Kim and Eun Sung Chung
12. Local Government and Political Development in Taiwan
Yung-mau Chao and Michael Y.M. Kau
13. Prospects for Democratic Rule
Jane Shapiro Zacek

ILPYONG J. KIM is emeritus professor of political science at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, and past president of the New England Conference of the Association for Asian Studies. He is currently serving as a distinguished visiting professor at Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea. An active contributor in Asian studies for the American Political Science Association, Dr. Kim is the author or editor of several books, including Development and Cultural Change: Cross-Cultural Perspectives.


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