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Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion

Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion
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"Judge Molloy's personal journey and the lessons he has drawn from it make interesting reading and provoke a good deal of introspection and analysis...aiming not just to rankle his colleagues in the legal profession but to spur them to much needed thought about their actions.... From such thought much good may come."
Journal of Legal Medicine

"...Molloy (a former Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals for the State of Arizona) frequently includes discussions of cases in which he was professionally involved in order to buttress his argument that the American lawyers and judges have colluded in a process of making the legal system progressively require the work of legal professionals and increasingly lucrative salaries. Molloy argues that this has become possible by literally sanctifying the Constitution in a way that allows them to paint opposition to their decisions as sacrilegious."
Book News, February 2005

"Lawyers and laymen alike will greatly benefit from reading this illuminating book. After reading it, your view of the profession won' t be the same."
—Senator John McCain

"Judge Molloy is one of the most revered members of our legal profession, and is extremely well qualified to comment on the manner in which this profession has evolved.... The vignettes that make up this book will be delightful reading for all interested in our culture and our legal system."
—Stewart Udall, Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and author of The Forgotten Founders

"I served on the Superior Court Bench while Judge Molloy was also a Superior Court Judge.... Molloy has established a reputation as a trial lawyer with outstanding knowledge of our judicial system.... The Fraternity does give us the latest analysis of the legal profession."
—Raul H. Castro, Former Governor of Arizona and former U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Bolivia, and Argentina.

"...it is very clear...that the Courts in our judicial system have, in fact, become the lawmakers, when it is very clear...that our Constitution delegated that responsibility to the Congress of the United States and the State Legislatures....treads on almost sacred ground when he gives his readers the real insight into how the legal profession has truly changed from being one of the premier professions in our society to a business where the number one objective or bottom line is financial profit... My endorsement is unequivocal. It is a fine scholarly piece with real integrity."
—Dennis DeConcini, U.S. Senator (Ret)

"The Fraternity is the inside story of a great professional collusion in the pursuit of greed and power... it should be required reading for anyone entering or associated with the legal profession."
—Nicholas N. Kittrie, Distinguished University Professor and former Dean, American University School of Law; author of The War Against Authority: From the Crisis of Legitimacy to a New Social Contract

As lawyer and judge for half a century, John Fitzgerald Molloy has both profited from our legal system and seen how it has been altered in favor of lawyers, to the detriment of society. The book starts with the evolution of the Fraternity, with the author using vivid descriptions of particular cases in which he was involved. He shows that the legal profession has continuously re-shaped the law, in subtle but significant ways, to make legal services ever more necessary—and more lucrative for the Fraternity.

The power the Fraternity now exercises, including the power to decide President Bush over Gore, has been accomplished by creating a new religion, that of worshiping the Constitution in ways the founders did not intend—with lawyers and judges the priests of that religion. Lawyers may not appreciate the revelations in this book, but they should be very interested, for this author knows the profession well, and his analysis will resonate with their own experience. For those who have been appalled by the large fees charged for lawyers’ services, this book will be an enlightenment.

For those who appreciate vignettes coming from some of the most interesting cases hitting our courts, this book will be captivating. Molloy documents terrible deficiencies in our legal system and presents practical solutions, such as separating the bench and the bar as is done in other countries in the world. Other publications that decry the ascendancy of lawyers offer no suggestion as to how their power can be curbed. This book does.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Hugh Rose
    The Fraternity is the most important book in years. As a former corporate executive, then business owner/CEO, I so appreciate reading the disturbing trend Judge Molloy details in the legal profession has increasingly threatened the economic health of our country. He accurately chronicles precedent setting case after case of this alarming devolution. All this deterioration has been to complicate and thereby fatten the pockets of trial lawyers in collusion with our judges.

    Equally disquieting to all citizens is the effect in criminal trial law. More and more critical information is excluded from testimony to the point that jurors can longer make informed intelligent decisions. John Molloy is to be commended for these important revelations of unconscionable greed by the legal profession that has been so destructive to the legal profession.

    A story from one of the country's great legal experts that must be read.

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