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Ghosts of Consciousness: Thought and the Spiritual Path

Ghosts of Consciousness: Thought and the Spiritual Path
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The Ghosts of Consciousness: Thought and the Spiritual Path details an entirely new theory of the micro-dynamics of thinking and self-awareness. At bottom, it outlines a phenomenologically-based structure of the “parts” of any given thought which is so clarifying, and possesses so much explanatory power, that it lends itself to definitions of ten types of thought, understanding how “reflective thoughts” interconnect and create increasingly acute and expansive forms of self-awareness across their development, and to distinctions regarding the phenomenologies of varied experiences of self; all of which is placed within a transpersonal developmental hierarchy.

The Ghosts of Consciousness offers a description of thinking which is so fundamental that it fills a mind-boggling void in the fields of psychology and philosophy. It also provides a critically important elaboration on Buddhist and Eastern religious philosophies by clarifying how self-awareness is engendered, as well as its problematic manifestations.

Filling a void in Western psychology and philosophy, this book offers specific explanations of how different types of "reflective thoughts" create a sense of self.

"This challenging and delightful book is a gem for all who are interested in phenomenology, transpersonal psychology, Buddhism, and the evolution of consciousness.... Recommended."—Choice, Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, April 2004

"...a serious book that deserves a wide audience." —Ken Wilber, author, A Brief History of Everything

"...sheds light on the subtle ways in which thinking binds us and holds us captive, even torments us by its 'ghosts'." —Kaisa Puhakka, Ph.D., California Institute of Integral Studies

"...you will be rewarded by an increase in your understanding of yourself and the very process of being human." —Jeffrey Eisen, Ph.D., author of Oneness Perceived: A Window into Enlightenment

"...this is a deep and substantial work that is sure to be influential.... Dr. Demmin's clear and engaging writing style will keep his readers eager to learn all they can."—John Best, Professor, Department of Psychology, Eastern Illinois University

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Thinking
Chapter 2: It's Slinky Time
Chapter 3: The Phenomenology of Thinking
Chapter 4: The Development of Reflective Thinking
Chapter 5: More Me
Chapter 6: Say "Thank You" to your Ghosts
Chapter 7: The Embodiments of Consciousness
Chapter 8: Eleven Ghostly Illusions
Chapter 9: The King and I