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Global Ethics: Seminal Essays

Global Ethics: Seminal Essays
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In recent decades, there has been an explosion of interest in global ethics -- the study of ethical issues with significant global dimensions. This book, a companion volume to Global Justice: Seminal Essays, provides a sample of the best recent work on those issues. Topics treated include whether individuals and governments in rich countries should give more aid to people in poor countries, and what the nature of any such duties might be; the causes of persistent poverty in certain countries; the conditions under which military action aimed at protecting human rights in foreign countries might be morally justified; the moral basis for the right to self-determination; whether attitudes such as patriotism and nationalism are morally justified in today's world, and if so, what justifies them; what "development" is; whether there could be a genuinely universal consensus on human rights; and what response might be morally required to such global problems as population growth and climate change.

"If you want to read about the most urgent ethical questions facing humanity, you should read about global ethics. And if you read only one book on global ethics, you should read this one. It is an unmatched collection of key essays by very influential authors, which provides a great service not just to academics and students but to a very important cause."
—Paula Casal, Reader in Moral and Political Philosophy, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Reading

"Thomas Pogge and Keith Horton have brought together in one affordable volume some of the most important writings on global ethics that contemporary political philosophy has to offer. Anyone who thinks about the interconnected problems of global poverty and tyrannical rule—whether as a scholar, citizen, or policymaker—will find great value in this collection."
—Arthur I. Applbaum, Professor of Ethics and Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"These important volumes succeed not only in providing a brilliantly selected collection of essays on global justice and global ethics but also, equally importantly, their trenchant introduction and organizational structure make plain why unjust global institutional arrangements are at the heart of the world’s most pressing social and political challenges. These volumes should be of great interest not only to those in the political and philosophical academies but also to anyone committed to reducing global inequities in health and well being."
—Ruth Faden, Wagley Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Director, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics

"...a must for community library world politics collections."
—Midwest Book Review

Table of Contents
1. Peter Singer
Famine, Affluence, and Morality
2. Garrett Hardin
Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor
3. David Luban
Just War and Human Rights
4. Michael Walzer
The Moral Standing of States: A Response to Four Critics
5. Michael W. Doyle
Kant, Liberal Legacies, and Foreign Affairs, Part I
6. Charles R. Beitz
Cosmopolitan Ideals and National Sentiment
7. Alasdair MacIntyre
Is Patriotism a Virtue?
8. Onora O’Neill
Rights, Obligations and World Hunger
9. Amartya Sen
The Concept of Development
10. Avishai Margalit and Joseph Raz
National Self-Determination
11. Henry Shue
Subsistence Emissions and Luxury Emissions
12. Susan Moller Okin
Gender Inequality and Cultural Differences
13. Amartya Sen
Population: Delusion and Reality
14. Samuel Scheffler
Individual Responsibility in a Global Age
15. Richard Rorty
Who Are We? Moral Universalism and Economic Triage
16. Peter Unger
Living High and Letting Die
17. Thomas Hurka
The Justification of National Partiality
18. Charles Taylor
Conditions of an Unforced Consensus on Human Rights
19. John Rawls
§15 and §16 of The Law of Peoples
20. Stephen M. Gardiner
The Real Tragedy of the Commons
21. David Miller
Distributing Responsibilities
22. Richard W. Miller
Moral Closeness and World Community
23. Thomas Pogge
“Assisting” the Global Poor
24. Alison M. Jaggar
“Saving Amina”: Global Justice for Women and Intercultural Dialogue