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Global Justice: Seminal Essays

Global Justice: Seminal Essays
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Pogge and Moellendorf have performed a great service by thoughtfully selecting a set of fundamental philosophical essays, written by distinguished moral and political theorists, and all addressed to the largest moral issues of our time: human rights, national and cosmopolitan identities, destitution, war, and the prospects of a more decent world. If you want to understand global justice—and you should—this is the place to start.
—Joshua Cohen, Editor, Boston Review; Professor of Political Science, Philosophy, and Law, and Director of the Program on Global Justice, Stanford University

Not only have Moellendorf and Pogge managed to gather all the seminal essays on global justice published in the last thirty years; equally importantly, their introduction sets out, clearly and lucidly, the terms—past, present and future, of this debate. This collection of essays on global justice will undoubtedly become an essential teaching and researching tool.
—Cécile Fabre, Professor of Political Theory, University of Edinburgh

If the contributors to these two volumes help us to understand that poverty, which arguably poses the gravest threat to human life and dignity today, is the product of a deeply inequitious global order, they also enable us to think through what our moral entitlements and duties in relation to these unjust global arrangements are. These landmark volumes will be read, re-read, appreciated, and engaged with for times to come.
—Neera Chandhoke, Professor University of Delhi

"Covering countless moral and current issues that are the questions of our time such as human rights, national identity, war, and the betterment of mankind as a whole....deftly assembled and has the highest recommendation..."
Midwest Book Review

1. Onora O’Neill
Lifeboat Earth
2. Charles R. Beitz
Justice and International Relations
3. Thomas Nagel
Poverty and Food: Why Charity Is Not Enough
4. Amartya Sen
Equality of What?
5. Henry Shue
Chapters 1–2 of Basic Rights: Subsistence, Affluence, and U.S. Foreign Policy
6. Michael Walzer
The Distribution of Membership
7. Brian Barry
Humanity and Justice in Global Perspective
8. Joseph H. Carens
Aliens and Citizens: The Case for Open Borders
9. David Miller
The Ethical Significance of Nationality
10. Robert E. Goodin
What Is So Special about Our Fellow Countrymen?
11. Jürgen Habermas
Citizenship and National Identity: Some Reflections on the Future of Europe
12. David Held
Democracy: From City-States to a Cosmopolitan Order?
13. Thomas Pogge
Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty
14. Jeremy Waldron
Special Ties and Natural Duties
15. John Rawls
The Law of Peoples
16. Thomas Pogge
An Egalitarian Law of Peoples
17. Martha C. Nussbaum
Human Capabilities, Female Human Beings
18. Darrel Moellendorf
Constructing the Law of Peoples
19. Allen Buchanan
Theories of Secession
20. Kok-Chor Tan
Liberal Toleration in Rawls’s Law of Peoples
21. Hillel Steiner
Just Taxation and International Redistribution
22. Michael Blake
Distributive Justice, State Coercion, and Autonomy