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Glossary of Epistemology / Philosophy of Science

Glossary of Epistemology / Philosophy of Science
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"This book is an alphabetically arranged glossary of terms, personal names, concepts, and the like related to epistemology and the philosophy of science."--Edward P Miller, Libraries Unlimited

As an subject evolves into a specialized, sophisticated, or technical field of study, so does the vocabulary required for those with an interest in that particular discipline. "Lay people," whether novices, generalists, or scholars of divergent backgrounds, may easily find themselves adrift in a sea of unfamiliar terminology, without the tools of language necessary to grasp not only subtleties and fine distinctions, but often key concepts as well.

Created for contemporary students, teachers, and knowledge-thirsty readers, this series extends a bridge to repair this information and communications chasm. Providing a guide for reading and a boost for writing, each glossary delivers a clear, thorough overview of a distinct field -- all within one handy, accessible book. Compiled and edited by academic professionals accomplished within each particular discipline, each volume comes in a portable, 4 1/81, x 6 1/2" paperback and a cloth edition suitable for reference libraries. This series includes three titles, Glossary of Cognitive Science, Glossary of Epistemology/Philosophy of Science and Glossary of Semiotics.

Glossary of Epistemology/Philosophy of Science

EPISTEMOLOGY is the study of ordinary knowledge in everyday life. PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE examines the nature of knowledge as it is discovered through scientific inquiry. Both EPISTEMOLOGY and PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE are two related foundational areas of philosophy. Drawing upon an overlapping and very technical vocabulary, the literature and texts of the field are often inaccessible to students and other readers. This book, Glossary of Epistemology/Philosophy of Science is a logical, down-to-earth resource for those who want to understand both disciplines. It simply and accurately defines key terms and concepts, clarifies the difference, and offers insights into current debates.

JAMES H. FETZER is McKnight University Professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. He is the author of Scientific Knowledge, Philosophy of Science: Recent Developments, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, 2nd ed., Foundations of Philosophy of Science, and is editor of the journal Minds and Machines and Series Editor of Studies in Cognitive Systems.

ROBERT F. ALMEDER is professor of philosophy at Georgia State University and the author of Charles S. Pierce: A Critical Introduction and Blind Realism: An Essay on Human Knowledge and Natural Science.