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Gorbachev Generation, The: Issues in Soviet Domestic Policy

Gorbachev Generation, The: Issues in Soviet Domestic Policy
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“Gorbachev’s agenda ... is to accelerate the country’s social and economic development. Foremost among the issues he faces is how to turn around a stagnant economy, infuse it with new dynamism, and turn words (since slogans are not new) into deeds. If Gorbachev is going to seek solutions using the old remedies without altering the Stalinist system he has inherited, the likelihood of real success is, at best, limited The kinds of reform that are adopted and how well they can tackle existing domestic ills will be of profound significance both for the country’s future and for the Gorbachev leadership itself.”–Jane Shapiro Zacek, from the Introduction

“This is a collection of invaluable and thoughtful essays by leading observers of Soviet politics and society. It is indispensable reading for students of Soviet affairs and of comparative politics.”–Ilpyong J. Kim, Professor of Politic Science, University of Connecticut

“This timely collection treats both general political and economic reform in the USSR, as well as more detailed issues such as agriculture, nationality, and health care. The authors, including both established authorities and younger scholars, present a comprehensive examination of the state of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the Gorbachev era that includes an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses and the prospects for planned reforms. The book contributes substantially to the growing body of analysis an the Gorbachev era in Soviet politics.”–Roger E. Kanet, Professor of Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

The Soviet Union is going through an unprecedented period of profound change. Since coming to power in 1985, General Secretary Mikhail S. Gorbachev has been trying to lead his nation out of the morass of a stagnant economy, an unresponsive bureaucracy, and an unwieldy foreign policy and military apparatus.

Gorbachev and his administration, most of whom are too young to have been affected by the Stalin era, are bringing their more youthful outlook to the problems facing the USSR. Rather than simply defending their privileged positions, these leaders are trying to wake their country, to put it on a road that will make it strong and viable into the 21st century.

The Gorbachev Generation: Issues in Soviet Domestic Policy investigates the programs, the progress, and the prospects of Gorbachev’s changes. Included are essays exploring the Communist Party apparatus, relations between the Soviet military and the Party, the problems in Soviet health care and education, and other important issues.

Glasnost and perestroika are words everyone has heard but few people know what they really mean and what their true implications are for Soviet Policy and the Soviet future. The Gorbachev Generation answers these questions, and many more. Collectively, these essays represent the efforts of scholars who are keenly aware of current Soviet affairs and who use that knowledge to look into the future of the Soviet Union.

JANE SHAPIRO ZACEK is a Project director at the Rockefeller Institute of Government at the State University of New York in Albany. She has co-edited several volumes on Soviet and Eastem European politics, including Politics and Participation under Communist Rule (1983), From the Cold War to Detente (1976), and Change and Adaptation in Soviet and Eastern European Politics (1976). Dr. Zacek received her doctorate from Columbia University.

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