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Gregorian Vision: Opening a Window to the Thought of Paulos Mar Gregorios

Gregorian Vision: Opening a Window to the Thought of Paulos Mar Gregorios



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This book is an intellectual biography of the thought of Paulos Mar Gregorios through a series of reviews of Mar Gregorios' many books on contemporary issues. Gregorios was an archbishop in the Eastern Orthodox Church, a visionary, an integral thinker, an ecumenist, and a peacemaker. Kunnathu makes profound thought clearly understandable, especially on topics of the Orthodox faith, science and religion, and the post-Enlightenment quest for truth.

What Readers Say...

This book is a collection of excerpts from many of His Grace Paulos Mar Gregorios’ articles, books, and talks. The journey of this collection begins from His Grace’s childhood to his last days, which answers questions we ask to ourselves and to our church fathers. I hope this book serves as a guide to all especially the young, who are very prone to doubts on those subjects discussed. This book will be a treat for ardent fans of His Grace, and it will also captivate readers who know nothing about His Grace.—Yuhanon Mar Diascoros, Chennai, India

A long cherished dream of many is getting materialized through this new book on Gregorian thought. This will of course enlighten many in manifold ways.—Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip, Principal, Orthodox Seminary, Nagpur

This book is a proof of how relevant the thought of Paulos Mar Gregorios is to many of the contemporary issues today. For those who have always looked at PMG as a puzzle, or rather as too complicated, this book is where you can start. I found through this book how unbelievable a person PMG was as a priest and as a Metropolitan of the Indian Orthodox Church, as an ecumenist, as a religious leader, and as a human being...a great effort by John Kunnathu to capture it so meticulously through this book.—Fr. Thomas Ninan, South Africa

This is a stellar attempt to highlight the significant contributions of Bishop Paulos Mar Gregorios to foster inter-religious understanding by nurturing pluralism and mutual respect among the various faiths, within the context of his own spiritual and theological identity as a follower of the true tenets of Jesus of Nazareth. All those who admire the life and work of Mar Gregorios will be delighted to read this book.—C. Alex Alexander M.D., Maryland, USA

As the subtitle suggests, this book opens a window on the entire thought corpus of the great thinker and theologian of the last century, Paulos Mar Gregorios. It provides a lucid exposition of the profound and sometimes subtle thoughts of Mar Gregorios. A work like this is particularly significant in the present context of the perceived threat posed by inter-religious rivalries.—Prof. M. P. Mathai

Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios was one of the greatest figures in the history of Kerala. I was fortunate to be with him during the last week of his life. Even our dicussions on various philosophical and scientific topics are still fresh in my memory.

There is no doubt that this work, Gregorian Vision, is one of the best on Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios. As I read it, I was “hearing” Thirumeni’s voice explaining to me what each book was about. The author has clarified several theological issues in a very clear way for the ordinary reader to understand. I remember Thirumeni was easy to understand when he gives a talk or in conversations. But his books are not always easy to read. This book is of great help in this regard. It is the kind of book I have been waiting for. And I think that the author has been faithful the thoughts and ideas of Mar Gregorios. —Joseph E. Thomas, Ph. D., Chicago, USA