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Here the People Rule: A Toolbook for Reforming Democracy

Here the People Rule: A Toolbook for Reforming Democracy
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“The author can see the forest for the trees. And what he concludes makes enticing reading. Palda looks at democracy somewhat less jaundiced than Churchill, who called democracy “the best of many bad choices.” And Palda lasers-in to recurring problems that characterize the form of government in most Western countries.”–The Book Reader, Spring/Summer 1997

Regaining control
Here the People Rule suggests that most Western democracies are antiques from the era of buggies and horsewhips. These fossilized political systems were not built to control the large central governments that prevail today. Lack of control means that citizens are not getting value for their tax dollars. To regain control we need a democracy that gives citizens information about how their leaders are performing, and that gives them ways of acting on that information. We need a democracy that in some ways resembles a free market; a democracy where the voter-consumer is king and the politician-producer must scramble to meet his needs. The book clarifies research by political scientists, economists, and Public Choice scholars to show how information and choice can be brought back to democracy. The answer lies with the use of referendums, the decentralization of federal powers, and laws that allow competitive election campaigns.

FILIP PALDA is a professor of economics at the École nationale d'administration publique in Montreal. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago where he wrote his dissertation under Nobel laureate, Gary S. Becker. He is the author of three books, including the How Much is Your Vote Worth?, The Unfairness of Campaign Spending Limits, published by the ICS Press, and Tax Facts 9, published by the Fraser Institute. He has edited a number of public policy books covering such topics as state intervention in the economy, internal trade, the social benefits of stock markets, and transportation policy. He has published numerous articles in learned journals on the theory and measurement of political phenomena, writes a syndicated newspaper column, and appears frequently as a commentator in the media.

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