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In the Path of the Masters: Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and Muhammed

In the Path of the Masters: Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and Muhammed
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"At a time when "spirituality" means many things to many people, it is helpful to be taken back to the fountainheads and be exposed to the spirituality of four great religious "masters," each of whom left a living tradition that is still compelling today."--Robert McAfee Brown

"I really enjoyed reading this beautiful and valuable book, and I am grateful the Carmodys avoid the danger of sentimentalizing. There is nothing else quite like it, and the Carmodys are graceful and engaging writers. --Harvey Cox

How should we live? What is the path to peace, wisdom, and fulfillment? Certainly, these are central questions in our lives. Who better to consult for guidance than Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, and Muhammad? By reflecting on the lives of these great teachers, In the Path of the Masters illuminates the practical and personal implications of prayer and devotion and shows how spirituality can help us lead meaningful lives.

In this beautifully written book the Carmodys offer readers a gift: the chance to take another look at and learn from figures who may be so familiar we don't--or can't--see them any more. They offer a brief biography of each founder, describing the events that most shaped his life, how his personal spirituality developed, how he lived, and how he died. Without resorting to useless speculation, they also describe as much as they can what kind of person he was. What made him angry; what made him laugh; who his enemies and friends were. Finally, they briefly trace the course of each religious tradition after its founder's death.

Most helpful of all, In the Path of the Masters cuts through dogma and interpretation and goes to the heart of the matter: the lessons that each founder considered most important for a fulfilling life. Divided into the major dimensions of spiritual life--nature, society, the self, and divinity--the Carmodys provide clear and easy access to where each figure stands on enduring issues and how they compare with each other. The Buddha, for example, did not believe in a solid, substantial self although he did hand down a basic ethical code to his followers. Confucius focused on the Way, or traditional wisdom, as the guiding force behind personal development; Jesus looked to God, his father, as a way of understanding himself; Muhammad believed that the first relationship the self had to establish correctly was with Allah.

As we face the difficulties of the twenty-first century, regardless of religious upbringing, the Carrnodys show what the spiritual lives and lessons of these masters offer us. Evenhanded in approach, but passionate in the conviction that spirituality enriches modern life, In the Path of the Masters is a thought-provoking and enlightening guide to inner fulfillment.

DENISE LARDNER CARMODY and JOHN TULLY CARMODY have published over forty books on spirituality and religion including The Republic of Many Mansions (Paragon House) and the best-selling text, Ways to the Center: An Introduction to World Religions. Denise Lardner Carmody is a professor at Santa Clara University, CA. Prior to his death, John Tully Carmody was a professor at the University of Tulsa, OK.