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Infinity and the Brain: A Unified Theory of Mind, Matter and God

Infinity and the Brain: A Unified Theory of Mind, Matter and God
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July 2002

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This book presents a new and logical solution to the “hard problem” of how consciousness and brain are related. The argument rests upon how the seeing-of-an-image is actually a probabilistic event in relation to infinity and/or one’s potential nonexistence – a perspective whereby an immersive image can be envisioned as minimizing disorder and maximizing energy sufficiency while, equivalently, optimizing the "big-enoughness" of the observing self. This approach, assuming a God-centered universe, explains why a balance between self and other is actually but the visible manifestation of an ongoing relationship between order and disorder and, respectively, past and future. By looking at the relationship between an image, the motor system, and the deeper thermoregulatory centers of the brain, the book reveals the profound unity of space-time, mind, energy, and God – putting to rest once and for all the notion that matter is fundamental.

GLENN DUDLEY became interested in the mind-body problem as an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado while pursuing a pre-med major and elective studies in physics, philosophy, and Judeo-Christian theology. He received his M.D. degree in 1969, and after doing a combined psychiatry/medicine internship, he completed a two-year program at MIT's Neurosciences Research Program. Then, sponsored by the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts School of Medicine in Boston, he studied the mind-body aspects of cancer. From 1975 until his retirement in 1998, Dr. Dudley served as a primary care physician, emphasizing spirit-mind-body relationships.



Historical overview
Theoretical premise: the universe is personal
The origin of an image
Introspective clues
There is no conflict between a personal and a mechanical universe
Light and the illumination of self

  1. The Expectant Brain
    Mind and brain are neither equal nor separate
    A diagrammatic approach
    Behavior and infinity anticipation
    Blobs, qualia, and other mysteries of perception
  2. From The Womb To The Tomb: The Search For Certainty
    Who or what actually sees an image?
    From small to big in the "now" of time
    Familiarity, novelty, and the natural desire for certainty
  3. The Circadian Self
    The anticipatory nature of awareness foretells the periodicity of sleep
    Which comes first, the self or its image?
    The probabilistic basis of sleep and dreams
  4. Sexuality And The Universe
    Sexuality and the fetal nature of perception
    The probabilistic basis of orgasm
    An image is a symbolic castration
    The "sex-crazed" brain
    The thermodynamic basis of pain and pleasure
    A universal principle of fecundity
    The law of privacy
    "OAGs," orgasm, and social vision

  5. The Bilateral Origin Of Consciousness
    A "collocation of atoms" cannot explain consciousness
    Bilaterality and infinity anticipation
    Imagery and mediolaterality
    Axial movement and infinity
    Qualia and axial movement
  6. The Unified Brain
    The brain has an "eye" for its boundary sufficiency
    The brain has no brains
    The homuncular rationale
    Metabolic and behavioral unity
  7. Infinity Anticipation And The Brain
    The cephalad nature of awareness
    Cephalad proximities
    Lateral inhibition and the "remembered present"
    Abstraction and size sufficiency
    Does infinity have a shape?
    Space-time and the anatomy of focal-ambience
    Memory structures are key to a probabilistic, infinity-based theory
  8. The Brain In A Personal Universe
    "Neuronal models"
    Who's the boss?
    The mediolateral brain
    Language, object recognition, and body awareness
    Specificity depends upon an infinite Person
    The three-dimensional nature of the brain in a personal universe
    Facial recognition depends upon infinity being personal
  9. The Limbic Link To Eternity
    The limbic bridge between perception and behavior
    Introspective exercises
    The reticular core monitors the ongoing probability of survival
    Hippocampal "memory" and size sufficiency
    Infinity anticipation and cortico-limbic harmony
    Limbic loops with the past rule out materialism
  10. Unity Amidst Diversity
    Perception and the interfacing of space and time
    Habituation, rhythms, and spiritual reality
    Infinity anticipation and signal-to-noise ratios
    Infinity, rage, and thermoregulation
    All structure has a mediolateral configuration
    Abstraction and the limbic "inner sanctum"
    Limbic predictions and infinity anticipation
    The limbic forebrain and physiological unity
    Circadian rhythms, thermoregulation, and infinity
    The wisdom of the body
    Thermodynamics and free will
  11. The Sleeping Brain
    "Chunking" and circadian rhythms
    The thermoregulatory function of sleep and dreams
    God, sex, and dreams
  12. Needle In A Haystack
    Where is the "locus" of infinity anticipation?
    The perception-action cycle
    A quick review of brain unity
    A developmental clue
    Falling pianos and the "interaction" of mind and body
    Hormones and the mind-body problem
    An autonomic perspective
    Oppositional systems
    A biochemical perspective
    Mind-body duality from an energy perspective
  13. Memory
    The meaning of memory
    "Home" defines our search for energy
  14. The Ethical Brain
    The anatomy of deception
    Neural design and morality


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