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Japan, America, and the Future World Order

Japan, America, and the Future World Order
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“In a period in which we will be moving either into a world of increasing interdependence and cooperation or retreating into competitive nationalism, relations between Japan and the United States will play a major role in the development of the international system and, in return, will respond to these developments.”–from the Introduction

This is a perceptive analysis of the problems and prospects that face Japan, America, and the world in which they interact.

The Editors place the problem of Japanese/American relations in a global perspective and present several possible courses of action for the future. Each contributor then examines external policy issues, internal processes and images, economic issues, and technological and environmental issues from both nations’ viewpoints. Other topics considered include the policymaking processes, public opinion, the role of the military, cultural interrelationships, and the role of and importance of Southeast Asia.

Japan, America, and the Future World Order also examines Sino-Japanese relations, particularly the economic relationship. One contributor looks at how the Chinese economic model functions, and its relevance to Japanese policy and to Japanese/American relations.

Throughout the book the authors concentrate on the actual realities of Japanese/American relations.

Table of Contents
I. External Policy Issues
Japan and the International System
Morton A. Kaplan
East Asia, the United States, and Japan: Four Proto-Scenarios
Kinhide Mushakoji
Sino-Japanese Relations in the 1970s
Tang Tsou, Tetsuo Najita, and Hideo Otake
II. Internal Processes and Images
United States Policy Toward Japan: Problems of Understanding
Akira Iriye and Neil Harris
Self-Images of Japan and the United States in a Changing World
Joji Watanuki
Japan’s Decision-Making System as a Determining Factor in Japan-United States Relations
Chihiro Hosoya
Country Expertise and United States Foreign Policymaking: The Case of Japan
M. Destler
Political Factors in Postwar Japan’s Foreign Policy Decisions
Kan Ori
III. Economic Issues
The Prospects for Japan’s Role in the World Economy
Koichi Hamada
Japan’s Role in the World
Garrett Scalera and Herman Kahn
U.S.-Japanese Economic Relationships: Economic Structure and Policy in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s
Robert Z. Aliber
Japan and Southeast Asia: The Geography of Interdependence
Norton S. Ginsburg and James Osborn
Economic Relations in Southeast Asia and the Position of Japan
Tadashi Kawata
Some External Constraints in the Development of Sino-Japanese Relations
Gene T. Hsiao
The Chinese Model of Economic Development, its Impact on Influence from Foreign Economic Systems
Katsuji Nakagane
IV. Technological and Environmental Issues
Environmental Factors and Japan in the 1970s
Michio Royama
United States-Japanese Relationship in the 1970s: The Global System–Technology and Environment
Ryukichi Imai
Biographical Data
Conference Participants

MORTON A. KAPLAN is Director of the Faculty Arms Control and Foreign Policy Seminar, Chairman of the Committee on International Relations, and Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago. He is the author of many articles and books and has edited several publications of the Seminar.

KINHIDE MUSHAKOJI is Professor of International Relations and Director of the Institute of International Relations at Sophia University in Tokyo. He has written several books.

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