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Jesus' Copernican Revolution: The Revelation of Divine Mercy

Jesus' Copernican Revolution: The Revelation of Divine Mercy
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Finalist for 2016 Indiefab Awards in Religion!

Initially, we understand and experience the world through our cultural and linguistic prejudices and social constructs. When those prejudices are exposed by men like Copernicus or Kant we move beyond them to better perspectives. Jesus also offered a better perspective or higher level of consciousness, but his revelation of divine mercy threatens too many of our sacred prejudices, so we ignore most of his teachings, and few make his perspective their own. 

"All too often, he [Danaher] argues, Christians can water down Jesus' teachings by twisting them to support a private, convenient notion of justice in which righteousness is earned through adherence to doctrine. ... Danaher exposes how American Christianity's devotion to wealth and the family runs counter to Jesus' strong warnings against both. This is a fresh look at some fundamentalist misconceptions of the message of Jesus."—Publisher's Weekly

We are living in an age when global access to original sources, a critical reading of history, an understanding of how power and empire directly influenced theology and "dogma," that makes books like James Danaher's Jesus' Copernican Revolution no longer edgy or suspect of heresy, but obvious, truthful, and welcome. Yet it still takes courage and deep faith to say what he says--so well! We are blessed to live in a time when even a Pope is backing him up!" —Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Extravagant love, revealed through divine mercy, answers the most fundamental question we should ask: “Who is God?” In Jesus’ Copernican Revolution James P. Danaher proves again why he is a philosopher who knows the important questions Christians should really ask about Jesus. In helping us see Jesus he shatters our stereotypes of God by showing us what it means to really see God, the Word made flesh. If we could learn how to listen to Jesus we would be enabled to truly see and hear how he alone speaks to our deepest need. Danaher grasps why the indicative (what God has done) must always precede the imperative (what we should do). I needed this book!--John H. Armstrong, Founder and President, ACT3 Network, Carol Stream, IL www.act3network.com

Warning! Danaher has again written a marvelous, thought provoking book. Few writers today are able to pen works that consistently delight, inform, and challenge the uninterrogated assumptions of readers both inside and outside of the academy. Danaher is one of them. Highly recommended!—Ian Morgan Cron Bestselling author of Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim's Tale and Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me...a Memoir of Sorts