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Kabbalah Simply Stated

Kabbalah Simply Stated
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Kabbalah Simply Stated: Amazon Kindle Edition

“Waxman has that rare quality of making a complex subject accessible to everyone! A must read for Kabbalah students!”
—Edwin Harkness Spina, author Mystic Warrior

“Highly informative, easy to read and extremely entertaining! Well written, authoritative and thoroughly enjoyable!”
—Dr. L. Cantrell, Ph.D., International Center for Kabbalistic Studies

“Rabbi Abraham takes the Kabbalah out of the realm of hodge-podge fantasy…a rare talent to articulate the major tenets of prolfic philosophers and scholars and combine them into a basic instruction manual.”
—Rabbi A. Holtzman, lecturer, New York

One rainy afternoon a young man meets a wise Rabbi from Jerusalem and his life changes forever. Over the next thirteen years the young man and the Rabbi develop a close relationship as the Rabbi teaches the young man about: The Secrets of the Soul, The Four Worlds of Existence, What Happens After Death, The Journey of the Soul, What the Stars are Telling Us, The Language of Numbers, Hidden Symbols in the Torah, The Lost Books of the Bible and Man’s Direct Connection to the One Divine Source.

This book is illustrated by Kabbalah artist, Phillip Ratner, the founder of the Kabbalah Museum in Zefat, Israel. Philip Ratner is best known for his five bronzes at the Statue of Liberty and his forty works at Ellis Island.