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Kando, Tom

Tom Kando was born in Budapest during World War II. He escaped fascism, communism, and the Holocaust. He grew up in the slums of Paris in the 50s and in Amsterdam’s Counterculture in the 60s. He sailed to America at 18 alone, received his Ph. D. at the University of Minnesota, and he has been a professor since then.

His biography combines fast-paced adventure with an often humorous description of academic culture and political correctness in the latter part of the book—from the perspective of an Eastern European sociologist. It is the trajectory of a life from early hell to the promised land. It combines personal experience with politics and social issues, Tom crosses paths with Robert Capa, Eldridge Cleaver, Bob Dylan, national football champions, heads of state, celebrities and terrorists. Tom has written a dozen books, including Social Interaction, Times/Mosby, 1977, Sexual Behavior and Family Life, Elsevier, 1978, Leisure and Popular Culture, Times/Mosby, 1980, Readings in Criminology, Kendall-Hunt, 1995, Sex Change, Charles Thomas1973, Searching for Christine, European American Publishing, 2009, I Spent my Life Practicing Politically Incorrect Sociology, European American Publishing, 2009, and many articles in professional, local and national venues, including the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Examiner, the Sacramento Bee, Human Events and elsewhere. He also published his own newspaper. To find out more about Tom, see his web pages at www.csus.edu/indiv/k/kandot and www.europeanamericanpub.com


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