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Lost Compass: One Father's Journey

Lost Compass: One Father's Journey
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The Lost Compass: Amazon Kindle Edition

This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for men of all ages.

One quiet summer afternoon a small-town newspaper editor discovered a thin manuscript deposited in his inbox, bearing no name, no address, and no explanation. Seeking a clue as to its authorship or its purpose, he opened it to read and soon found himself held in a grip of emotion and wonder that simply wouldn’t let go.

On the surface, The Lost Compass is the story of a wilderness journey gone awry, placing a father and his young boy in circumstances for which neither is prepared. Yet through its interweaving of lessons learned from nature and from spirit, it clearly tells a much deeper tale—revealing a profound lesson about powerfully effective parenting, devotion, and sacrifice.

That was 15 years ago. The author of the work has never been identified. But the story changed the life of B. Clement Makepeace and the lives of his children.

“Paying the bills, playing a little catch in the back yard, monopolizing the remote control—is there anything more to fatherhood? The Lost Compass challenges readers to think much more deeply about the moral and spiritual responsibilities fathers bear. When a canoeing accident suddenly puts a young father and his son in peril, the dangerous river currents sweep away more than camping gear. Life itself hangs in the balance as a stunned man realizes for the first time that fatherhood entails more—far more—than he had ever previously supposed. But how can he—or any other imperfect person—teach a child with love and wisdom, while still respecting the child's own maturing ability to choose? Readers will finish this moving narrative with a profound appreciation for how much depends upon that inner compass that only a father can give a child. A very moving and memorable work!”
—Bryce Christensen, Founding Editor, The Family in America, Author of Divided We Fall: Family Discord and the Fracturing of America (Transaction, 2005) and Utopia Against the Family (Ignatius, 1990)

“What a story! An inspiring and stirring tale that is filled with profound lessons on the wise and responsible use of authority and the exercise of leadership. Any authority figure—mother or father, king or queen, manager or supervisor—will benefit from this insightful and resplendent presentation."
—Dean Williams, Center for Public Leadership, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Author of Real Leadership (2005, Berrett-Koehler)

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