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Meeting of Science and Spirit, The: Guidelines for a New Age

Meeting of Science and Spirit, The: Guidelines for a New Age
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"Few writers have John White's gift for integrating so many different strands of knowledge and experience, and for presenting their vision in a most lively manner. This clarifying and persuasive volume demonstrates that New Age thought is not dead but an ongoing challenge based on a profound spiritual reformation. A sane, honest, and engaging exploration of New Age concerns, this deserves to be widely read in the New Age community and by its critics."
-Georg Feuerstein, M.Litt., Author of Structures of Consciousness

"There is one reality, one universe, and if the scientific and spiritual worldviews are contradictory, there must be something wrong with one or both of them. White's eminently readable. discussion can be a significant aid to anyone seeking personal clarification on this crucial issue."
-Willis Harman, President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"With wisdom, good critical sense, and hope for humanity's future these essays form a satisfying and probing commentary on the New Age and the study of higher consciousness. White has written a thinking man's version of The Aquarian Conspiracy."
-Kenneth Ring, Author of Heading Toward Omega

These fascinating essays on a variety of New Age concerns reveal how a higher state of consciousness can be explained in spiritual and scientific terms. A leader in the quest for higher human development, John White has long sought to awaken us to our potential for growth in body, mind, and spirit. Here he tackles the age-old conflict between the rationalist and religious worldviews to show how an understanding of their complementary natures can clarify our view of Ultimate Reality and usher in a New Age.

The author begins by drawing on the research of leading neuro-scientists and transpersonal psychologists to depict a realistic view of the mind/brain relationship, then critiques a wide range of paranormal phenomena including yoga, firewalking, holistic medicine, UFOs, and reincarnation, describing both their dangers and benefits for self-transcendence. He then goes on to examine the quest for enlightenment from a spiritual view with intriguing discussions of, among other topics, channeling's role in higher development, the martial arts, the JudeoChristian tradition, and the Second Coming. White's arguments are punctuated throughout with the perennial wisdom of the spiritual giants of history: Sri Aurobindo, Gopi Krishna, Gautama the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Jesus of Nazareth whom White describes as the model for the New Age.

The result is a provocative and positive look at the future of humanity. In his downto-earth style, White also acknowledges the dark side of the New Age and debunks much of the faddishness, media hype, and gross commercialism currently posing as enlightenment. Yet he eloquently presents the genuine and valuable core of the movement, as well as our emerging global culture, as evidence for his astonishing theory that man is continuing to evolve spiritually and psychically into a higher form of humanity: homo noeticus.

For anyone interested in the sciences of consciousness, or anyone simply seeking confirmation that the New Age movement can offer true enlightenment, The Meeting of Science and Spirit presents an insightful and inspiring guide to spiritual growth.

JOHN WHITE, M.A.T., is an author, editor, and educator in consciousness research and parascience. He is the author of A Practical Guide to Death and Dying and Everything You Want to Know About TM, and has edited a number of anthologies, including What is Enlightenment? and Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment (also available from Paragon House).

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