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Miller, Judith S.

Miller, Judith S.

Judith Miller Ph.D. is a professor of developmental psychology at Columbia University where she repeatedly receives the "Outstanding Teacher" award from students for her course "Spiritual Development Across the Lifespan." She is also on the faculty of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy in Wittnau, Germany. As part of her teaching responsibilities over the years, Miller has provided clinical supervision to hundreds of psychotherapists and graduate psychology students in both America and Europe. She also is a highly regarded spiritual guide, a popular speaker for lay and professional audiences alike, and a sought-after presenter at national and international conferences.

Her book Direct Connection: Transformation of Consciousness documented her own path of discovery and was a finalist in the 2001 Independent Book Publisher award competition. In the book Barefoot on Holy Ground, Miller is on a list of twelve modern-day disciples who exemplify the ripening of spiritual inquiry in the 21st century.

Miller has spent her life and career challenging our postmodern worldview and bridging the two worlds of mainstream psychology and Western spirituality. She works to heal the greatest divisions in the minds and hearts of people born in the Western world: between psychology and spirituality, science and the soul, and Judaism and Christianity. In Germany, America and Israel, she conducts international training programs for adult children and grandchildren of Nazis and Jews who continue to suffer some seventy years after the holocaust.

Author's Website: http://www.drjudithmiller.com/


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