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The papers in this volume were prepared for and presented to the Arms Control and Foreign Policy Seminar of the Center for Foreign Policy at The University of Chicago. The Seminar was directed by Morton A. Kaplan, Professor of Political Science and Chairman of the Committee on International Relations at the University.

Neither Russia nor the United States can devise any plan to prevent war with the other, or to win if a war starts, without affecting the destinies, as well as the particular decisions and responses, of other nations. Every powerful nation has had this impact, but in the past there was time for consideration. Today, however, the technology possessed by Russia and the United States is so overwhelming and so same instantaneously applicable that the room for maneuver of smaller allies is much more severely limited than was ever true in the past.

The authors of the papers in this book discuss a new strategy for NATO that addresses itself to this problem: dissuasion. The dissuasion strategy creates an incentive structure that will tend to disrupt the alliance stability of NATO or the WTO if either attempts to escalate a crisis deliberately or to exploit an incident militarily rather than to terminate the incident. Thus, it symmetrically reinforces motivations to dampen crises; and, in the process, improves the bargaining position of the smaller allies of the superpowers. In addition, dissuasion is designed to rectify the initial offensive advantage of the Warsaw Treaty Organization (WTO) in the European Theatre.

NATO and Dissuasion contains an exposition of the strategy as well as a number of critical responses to it by distinguished Europeans and Americans.

Table of Contents

A NATO Dissuasion Strategy: Political Aspects
Morton A. Kaplan
A Dissuasion Strategy for NATO: Selective Threat Withdrawal as an Inhibition to Coalition Aggression
Phillip A. Karber and Charles R. Wasaff
The Northern Flank of NATO: Some Political Aspects
Bertel Heurlin
A NATO Dissuasion Strategy: A French View
Pierre Hassner
A NATO Dissuasion Strategy: A British View
Kenneth Hunt
A NATO Dissuasion Strategy: A German View
Wolfgang Wagner
A Marginal Note on Some Problems of the Dissuasion Strategy
Arcadius Kahan
Biographical Data

MORTON A. KAPLAN is a Professor of Political Science, Chairman of the Committee on International Relations, and Director of the Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies at the University of Chicago. Among his numerous books are these Free Press titles: Justice, Human Nature, and Political Obligation; Alienation and Identification; Isolation or Interdependence?, which he edited; and Japan, America, and The Future World Order, which he co-edited with
Kinhide Mushakoji.

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