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NGO Revolution: Healing a Hurting World

NGO Revolution: Healing a Hurting World
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“NGOs can not only heal the hurting world, but they are one of the golden keys to do so, in relation to all the other actors in our societies.”
—Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Senior Advisor to the Managing Directors, World Bank

“A global and human problem is not so much a lack of resources, but a lack of leadership and vision. Our institutions need to help assemble the collective will to make the world better.”
—Natalie Ambrose, Director, Emerging Issues & Strategic Planning, Council on Foundations

“What is an NGO to do? First and foremost, we need to revive the concept of obligation. Obligation is a value that says the common good is important, the future of my children is important, and I can set myself aside for that common good, that future goal.”
—Luis Cortés, Jr., President and CEO, Esperanza USA

“We need organizations that will cooperate with one another, and create awareness because, as we all know, what our world lacks most is unity and love.”
—Serge Gouteyron, Vice President, Rotary International

The problems facing the world today cannot be solved through government interventions or through corporate efforts alone. The NGO Revolution brings vision, vitality and the commitment of action to help heal this hurting world in order to create a world fit for children. Also known as charities, nonprofits, and civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have emerged as major players in addressing the serious challenges confronting humanity and the world. In this book, international civil society leaders of diverse sectors share their understanding, tell their stories, and offer innovative solutions.