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Ninoy Aquino Phenomenon II: A Study in Peaceful Change

Ninoy Aquino Phenomenon II: A Study in Peaceful Change
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This book is based on discussions which took place to reflect on the revolution in the Philippines after the collapse of the regime of Ferdinand Marcos and the accession of Mrs. Corazon Aquino. Participants included high Philippine officials, American scholars, and Pedro J. Chamarro, and also Pedro J. Chamarro, whose family was working to oust the Sandinhistas in Nicaragua. The discussions include the historical, ideological, cultural, and economic aspects of the transition.

Table of Contents

Professors World Peace Academy
The Role of PWPA and the New Cultural Revolution by Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak
Cultural and Philosophical Dimensions of the Philippine Revolution by Dr. Alfredo V Lagmay
Images and Meanings of the February Revolution by Dr. Jose Y. Abueva
The Philippine Experience and Democracy in Asia by Dr. Jong- Yil Ra
The Aquino Phenomenon: An Economic Perspective by Dr. Tereso S. Tullao
Spiritual Perspective of the Aquino Phenomenon, 1983-1986 by Bishop Francisco F. Claver
Synthesis by Dr. Nicholas Kittrie and Mr. Mario Antonio Lopez
Organized Forces in the Philippine Setting by Dr. Emanuel V Soriano
Economic Challenges Facing the Philippines by Hon. Solita C. Monsod
Censorship and Revolution: Maintaining Democratic Institutions in a Revolutionary Society by Mr. Pedro J. Chamorro
Educational Outlook: The Responsibility of the Academe by Hon. Lourdes R. Quisumbing
Short Talk by Dr. Morton A. Kaplan
Closing Remarks by Dr. Alfredo Y. Lagmay
List of Participants

PWPA PHILIPPINES was established in 1981 by Filipino scholars and scientists in search of solutionsto the crisis that not only involved the Philippines but also, more generally, Asia.