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Not Your Father's Antisemitism: Hatred of the Jews in the 21st Century

Not Your Father's Antisemitism: Hatred of the Jews in the 21st Century



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Edited book , Index , Notes , Bibliography
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"Highly recommended. All levels/libraries." Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

"Highly recommended for community library Judaic studies collections."
The Midwest Book Review

"...interesting descriptions and analysis.... There are very suggestive pieces by Richard L. Rubenstein, John Roth, Reuven Firestone, and Manfed Gerstenfeld, among others. The book's authors generally argue that contemporary hatred of the Jews is not linked to the 1930's but is a unique manifestation of the 21st century post-modernist crisis. This leads many of the seventeen contributors to conclude that the new anti-Semitism presents, for the first time since the Shoah, an existential threat to the Jewish people."
Jewish Book World

"This collection of essays by a variety of authors coming from diverse perspectives brings to our attention that the anti-semitism we are witnessing today is not the same as what we have seen in the past.
One clear lesson of this book is that the responses of the past will not necessarily work today. The book shows clearly that we have to come to a new and considered understanding of the social, political and religious underpinnings of the “new anti-Semitism”. While this collection does not come to definitive conclusions, it begins the conversation in a powerful and compelling way."
—Peter J. Haas, The Samuel Rosenthal Center for Judaic Studies, Case Western Reserve University

"Michael Berenbaum and his colleagues have produced a truly significant collection of essays which not only furthers our understanding of antisemitism at the present moment, but underscores the importance of recognizing that the world's oldest hatred has taken a new turn: that the antisemitism of the past is not the antisemitism of the present.
These important essays need to be read, digested, and placed in the hands of everyone who remains concerned that hatred against Jews continues to rear its ugly head and the solution is not beyond our willingness to confront it boldly and with knowledge."
—Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs, Aaron Aronov Endowed Chair of Judaic Studies, The University of Alabama

"Like viruses that morph into more resistant strains, twenty-first century antisemitism is related to and yet significantly different from that used by and inflicted upon previous generations….lucid, insightful, penetrating, and urgent.””
—John K. Roth, From the Foreword

In seventeen crisp essays written by distinguished scholars from diverse disciplines, backgrounds and countries, Not Your Father’s Antisemitism argues that contemporary hatred of the Jews is not a throwback to the 1930s but a unique manifestation of 21st century humanity and the post-modernist crisis. The work examines antisemitism in contemporary Europe; in classical and contemporary Islam; it follows the migration of discredited myths from the Christian West to Islam, namely the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Holocaust Denial; it argues for American exceptionalism – namely, that the problem of antisemitism in the contemporary US is less acute that many would maintain – even as explores antisemitism on the right and the left in the United States today, and, finally, it examines the impact of Israel both in quelling the flames and fueling the fires of contemporary antisemitism.

“Like many of my generation, I once thought antisemitism was a problem of the past, one resolved in my lifetime by my parents’ generation. It was their great achievement. I believed my children could grow up without knowing its reality. Sadly, I was wrong.” ––From the Introduction


Foreword by John Roth
Introduction by Michael Berenbaum

Section I
Antisemitism in Contemporary Europe
1. Antisemitism in France and “Holocaust Fatigue”
Nicolas Weill
2. Antisemitism and the Contemporary Jewish Condition
Richard L. Rubenstein
3. Antisemitism in France and Antisemitism of France
Michael Berenbaum
4. ‘Golem versus Muslim:’ Anti-Americanism and Antisemitism Reunited
Nicolas Weill
5. Eastern Europe: Antisemitism in the Wake of Holocaust-Related Issues
Efraim Zuroff

Section II
Antisemitism in Islam
6. Antisemitism in Classical Islamic Sources
John Kelsay
7. Contextualizing Antisemitism in Islam: Chosenness, Choosing, and the Emergence of New Religion
Reuven Firestone
8. Antisemitism, and Contemporary Islam
Mehnaz M. Afridi
9. The Cross and the Crescent: Divergent Responses to Antisemitism in Contemporary Islam
Michael Berenbaum

Section III
The Migration of Discredited Myths
10. The Migration of Discredited Myths: The Wandering Protocols
Richard S. Levy
11. Strange Bedfellows? Western Deniers and the Arab World
Robert A. Kahn

Section IV
America is Different
12. The Experience of Jews in the United States and Europe Illuminates American Exceptionalism
Fred Cople Jaher
13. “America is Different!” Myths and Realities in the Study of Antisemitism in the United States
Jerome A. Chanes

Section V
Antisemitism of the Right and of the Left
14. Transmigration of Antisemitism: Old Myths; New Realities
Mark Weitzman
15. Antisemitism and the New/Old Left
Samuel Edelman

Section VI
Israel and Contemporary Antisemitism
16. The Witness People Myth, Israel, and Anti-Zionism in the Western World
Richard L. Rubenstein
17. Anti-Israelism and Antisemitism: Common Characteristics and Motifs
Manfred Gerstenfeld
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