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Nothingness Beyond God: Introduction to Nishida Kitaro

Nothingness Beyond God: Introduction to Nishida Kitaro
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"Carter's work fills an important niche in Nishida scholarship by providing, in clear and concise language, the best introduction to Nishida's philosophy... Japansese scholar Thomas P. Kasulis has written a superlative ten-page forward that is worth the price of admission all by itself...an extensive bibliography and index...well organized. I anticipate that Carter's book will become a popular university textbook chosen by teachers of Japanese philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion. Indeed, I would recommend that scholars who are looking to include a "comparative" element...seriously consider choosing Nishida's philosophy, and Carter's text in particular."--David Edward Shaner, Furman University

"Those who reflect about philosophy and religion should like what Robert E. Carter has done in this book. He has engaged with perhaps the most important of modern Japanese philosophers...It is what cross-cultural philosophy should be."--Ninian Smart

"I want to express my feeling of admiration for the work. I think it will be very helpful as an introduction to the West of Nishida's philosophy and, thus as a gateway to East-West dialogue." --Jan Van Bragt, Nazan Institute for Religion and Culture

"This work will serve as a valuable reference both for those seeking a grounding in a significant contribution to human thought in the 20th century and for those wishing to situate some key themes which repeatedly appear in East-Western Buddhist-Christian dialogue."--Ruben L. F. Habito, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

When we hear the term "Japanese philosophy" we think of Zen Buddhism or the Shinto scriptures. Yet one of the great 20th century interpreters of Western philosophy, Nishida Kitaro, lived and wrote in the Japanese islands all his life, laboring at an ultimate synthesis of oriental thought and Western hermeneutics. To be sure, Nishida's aim was to understand his own cultural influences in relation to the Western world. What distinguished him, however, was his passion for rendering oriental metaphysics understandable in the language of Western philosophy, and his attempts to contrast the paradoxicality of Buddhist logic with the logical strategies of Aristotle, Kant, or Hegel.

Featured in this book is an interpretation of Nishida's writings. Professor Carter focuses on the Japanese thinker's notion of "basho," a concept of nothingness as field, place or topos as borrowed from Plato's Timaeus. Expounding on the logical foundations and archaic elements in Nishida's work, and carefully explaining Nishida's critical approach to the questions of God, religion and morality, and pure existence, this discerning book offers students of Western philosophy and oriental thought alike a highly readable introduction to the teachings of a true world philosopher.

ROBERT E. CARTER, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Interdisciplinary M.A. Programme at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Carter has long been interested in the writings of Nishida and in a synthesis of Eastern and Western ideas. He is author/editor of several books including Dimensions of Moral Education; God, The Self and Nothingness Reflections: Eastern and Western; and Nothingness Beyond God: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Nishida Kitaro.