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Parenting Solutions: Encouragement for Everyday Parenting Concerns

Parenting Solutions: Encouragement for Everyday Parenting Concerns
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Review from MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW: "Highly Recommended"

"As a parent it's really not necessary to have to 'reinvent the wheel' when it comes to raising kids to be healthy, happy, productive, and prepared for what life has to offer them for good or for ill. Not when there's Parenting Solutions: Encouragement for Everyday Parenting Concerns by professional parent educator and pediatric nurse Joan Rice. A practical, accessible, 'user friendly' compendium of instruction, information, advice and insight, "Parenting Solutions" beings with a chapter on life with a baby and dealing with such issues as crying, breast feeding, postpartum depression, teething and weaning. This is followed by informed and informative chapters on establishing a child's self-esteem, life with a toddler, nutrition tips, language development, discipline, toilet training, safety issues, the advent of a new baby in the life of an older sibling, and so much more. Enhanced with the inclusion of bibliography and an index, "Parenting Solutions" is highly recommended reading for anyone having the responsibility of raising a child in today's world."

Read this book. A great gift for new and experienced parents, this guidebook for parents provides answers for the day to day issues parents face, by a parenting expert. Readers will feel embraced and encouraged by the author's words of wisdom and advice.

"This book has good insight into questions parents, child care providers, as well as child health care providers may have. It is informative, practical, covers a broad scope of problems and will be a good reference source."
--George T. Robertson, M.D.
Pediatrician, Santa Maria, CA

"Joan Rice has a wealth of knowledge to help parents strive to grow and benefit their children. Her teachings will guide parents and offer tools that really work."
--Linda Matsumoto, Director of Parent Education, Burbank Adult School

"The author's approach is kind, gentle, simple, encouraging, and practical. It is also easy to read, which is of tremendous importance for busy parents. I recommend this book."
--Sally M. Ames, M.A., Parent Education Coordinator

"In searching for a textbook for my Parent Education Class, I wanted something that would be a personal and practical approach to parenting and early childhood and that would be easily understood by its readers. Joan Rice has presented such a book."
--Judith Dal Porto, M.A., Director, Allan Hancock College Parent Participation Program

"Joan Rice has been a presenter for Warner Bros. Studios for many years. From parenting siblings to discipline strategies, the range of topics as well as her overall expertise in parenting has been invaluable to our employees. I continually receive wonderful responses to all of her lectures and recommend her to anyone seeking parenting advice."
--Chiani Restuccio, Health Educator, Warner Bros. Studios

"Parenting Solutions is a thorough explanation for parents and caregivers of young children in guiding them to be emotionally healthy and socially capable. The author understands the heart of a growing child, and the complexities of the parent-child relationship. Her insightful suggestions will be effective practices for this generation."
--Kathy Silva, M.A., Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling
Instructor, Early Childhood Studies

" Parenting Solutions allows parents to think through everyday living experience with practical solutions. It is a well-researched step by step approach that I recommend to all parents in our parenting programs."
--Margaret Kornberg, B.S. Early Childhood Education, M.A. Guidance and Counseling, Educator, Community Educational Centers, Doylestown, PA

"Parenting Solutions is a valuable resource for families. It is concise and specific to topic areas. This makes it easily accessible for busy parents. She has summarized the leading research on child development and given practical solutions that she has tested throughout her career. I hope to use this with families as well as in my teacher-training classes."
--Jeffra Nandan, MSW, Assessor for the National Association for the Education of Young Children, College Faculty, Child Development, Family Resource Centers, Inc., Princeton, NJ

"I recommend this book. The author encourages understanding and respect for the individual child as well as the parent. The suggestions are surprisingly simple and easy to implement. This book will be enormously helpful to new parents and experienced parents alike."
--Kim S. Gerber, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Unique and caring parenting book... I highly recommend Parenting Solutions as a therapist and as a chaplain."
--Timothy S. Heater, MSW, M.Div.

"This is the only book you need! Parenting Solutions is like having your own personal parenting coach."
--Cathe Olson, author of Simply Natural Baby Food and The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook.

Table of Contents
1. Living with Your New Baby
2. Building Your Child's Self-Esteem
3. Living with Your Toddler: Tips for Daily Life
4. Nutrition Tips for the Young Child
5. Encouraging Language Development
6. Encouraging Your Child to Learn to Share
7. How Your Child's Temperament Shapes Behavior
8. Creating a "YES" Environment
9. Discipline Styles
10. Sleep Strategies for the Weary Parent
11. Toilet Learning
12. Reading Right from the Start
13. Learning in the Preschool Years
14. Your Child's Safety
15. Easing Separations: Hello and Good-bye
16. Preparing Your Child for the New Baby
Selected Bibliography
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Lourena Beale
    Thank you for writing this book! I've really enjoyed it!! As I was reading it, I realized it was you who taught me how to be a good parent and I am so grateful for that. It brings happy tears to my eyes. I am so excited to have all those life altering lessons in one place. I'm very excited to pass them onto my new preschool parents and children.
  • Author: GG and KG
    A very well written, concise book that has substantiated information presented in a well organized manner that covers very important phases of a child's development. We are very pleased with the guidance provided by this excellent book and look forward to realizing the benefits over time!

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