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Peculiar Prophets: A Biographical Dictionary of New Religions

Peculiar Prophets: A Biographical Dictionary of New Religions
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A Valuable Reference
"I find this book a valuable reference and I keep it close at hand when I am working.”–Professor Benjamin D. Zablocki, Rutgers University

Fills in a Vacuum
"This is a useful, handy reference work which fills in a vacuum in the current literature on new religions. Covering a large variety of marginal religious groups, it provides a descriptive account of many religious leaders who have often been noted for their eccentricity and/or unorthodox views and behavior. Easy to read and consult, it provides some of the background necessary to understand the new religions and their attractiveness. I consider it a pocket manual for those who are studying and/or are interested in the new religious movements.”–Professor John Saliba, University of Detroit Mercy

This Inexpensive Work Has No Rivals
“Written by an expert on the New Age movement, this work is a good source of basic biographical information about important people in nontraditional religions of the US. Altogether, it contains 350 page-long biographies of modern prophets, sect organizers, cult founders, witches, saints, NeoPagans, New Agers, mediums, occultists, UFO society organizers, swamis, holy men, gurus, and people of prominence in the New Age movement. Entries provide birth and death dates, education, marital status, organizations or churches founded, affiliations, accomplishments, and important publications. Since most entries have been corrected either by the individual or the individual's organization, profiles are objective and factual. Nearly all entries treat individuals who founded new religions during the 1960s as part of the counterculture movement, or who inspired new religions founded during that time. Since few biographies of New Age personalities exist, this inexpensive work has no rivals. It is recommended for students and faculty at all levels, and would diversify the collection of any library.”—Choice, December, 1999

Throughout history, many people of vision and charisma have arisen to lead large numbers into the formation of churches, sects, cults, and secular groups. Alternatively branded prophets and false prophets, these people awakened the spiritual consciousness of their followers and spoke of new visions of reality. In America, these leaders often appeared in numbers during periods of renewed spiritual activity, such as the Great Awakening. Peculiar Prophets captures that diversity in such a way that undercuts some of the social prejudice against new religions.

• Organized brief biographies of over 300 of the prophets–the largest collection published to date
• Accompanying bibliography with over 2,300 entries

JAMES LEWIS is Dean of Humanities and Professor of Religious Studies at the World University of America, and Senior Editor at the Center for Academic Publication. He is a world-recognized authority on non-traditional religions, and is the author of Cults in America, the authoritative Encyclopedia of Cults, Sects and New Religions, and the forthcoming Doomsday Prophecies.

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