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Philosophy and Feminist Criticism

Philosophy and Feminist Criticism
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Here is a solid, well-reasoned introduction to feminist philosophy that instructors using traditional undergraduate texts will find especially useful in broadening debate. Philosophy and Feminist Criticism introduces readers to the lively and productive conversation between traditional philosophy and its feminist critics over the past twenty years.

Designed to be accessible to the beginning philosophy student and to non-specialist readers, the book demystifies current debates concerning the nature and scope of philosophy and also clarifies the concerns and aims of feminist philosophers today.

The author charts the development of feminist philosophy as a recognized contributor to intellectual debate, beginning with its outside the philosophical establishment in activism, cultural criticism, and social engagement. The fresh approaches of Black feminists, Lesbian philosophers, American Indian feminists, and ecological feminists are brought into the dialogue. In addition, Cole lucidly surveys feminist criticism of the traditional philosophical problems of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. She concludes that neither feminism nor philosophy thrives when viewed as the "property" of specialists or in-groups, but that feminist philosophy is a powerful, vital, and inclusive conversation about the concerns most basic to human beings. Contemporary works by Gilligan, Benhabib, Tong, and others are also included in this invaluable text. Suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter assist students to explore subjects of interest in more depth.


1. The Emergence of Feminist Philosophy
The First Issues
Academic Feminist Philosophy
Some Basic Commitments of Feminist Philosophy
"Now Go for the Jugular!"
For Further Reading

2. Feminist Philosophy in New Directions
Black Feminist Thought
American Indian Feminist Thought
Lesbian Philosophies
Ecological Feminist Thought
For Further Reading

3. Body, Mind, and Gender
Solitary Meditations, Radical Doubts
The Uncertain Body
The Uncertain
Other Feminist Critiques
For Further Reading

4. Epistemology: Critique and Construction
Some Epistemological Attitudes
Feminist Critiques
Feminist Epistemologies
For Further Reading

5. Ethics in Feminist Perspective
Rawls and the Veil of Ignorance
Justice and Care
Maternal Ethics
Lesbian Ethics
For Further Reading

6. Conclusion: Convergences and Controversies
For Further Reading

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Michael Michau
    I used this text for an undergraduate level philosophy course: Philosophy of Woman. It is quite helpful insofar as Cole effectively navigates through the feminist criticisms of traditional Western philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Rawls, etc.). Students seemed to clearly understand Cole's arguments and allusions, and I will be using this text in future courses.

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