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Portrait of Jesus? The Shroud of Turin in Science and History

Portrait of Jesus? The Shroud of Turin in Science and History
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Portrait of Jesus? Amazon Kindle Edition

"Have you ever wondered if the famous Shroud of Turin was the actual burial cloth that wrapped the crucified body of Jesus? Is that were true, what significance would it have for you and society in general? Frank Tribbe does a phenomenal job of pulling together all the existing history, research and information as well as 29 photographs to explore these questions in this fascinating book."
The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, October 2008

Portrait of Jesus? is a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute account of the Shroud of Turin which, according to legend, was the garment that covered Jesus in the tomb. Frank Tribbe has for many years been a member of the elite group of scientists and researchers studying the Shroud. His book takes all their findings into account to show that, contrary to claims it is a medieval hoax, the Shroud is an authentic first-century relic from the Near East, probably Palestine, and is therefore likely to be precisely what legend maintains. The massive evidence which Tribbe presents from decades of research makes Portrait of Jesus? the best resource for knowledge about the Shroud.

This edition contains updates on all findings to the present. It shows that the 1988 report of the Shroud’s age as 14th century is false, based on bad science, and that the Shroud is actually an authentic first century relic from the Middle East. Tribbe carefully distinguishes between and facts personal views and theories.

“This book pulls together all existing information on the Shroud, its history, chemical and physical characteristics, and the findings of modern science. It also provides ingenius theories of how the Shroud found its way from the Jerusalem of the Apostles to the France of the 14th century. The cloth was, in Frank Tribbe’s words, ‘the world’s oldest photograph’.… The reasonable man may find it harder than he imagines to dismiss the Shroud of Turin after reading this book.”
—James C. O’Neill, National Catholic News Service

“Comprehensive and accurate information….”
—Rev. Adam J. Otterbein, C.SS.R., S.T.D., President of the Holy Shroud Guild

“An invaluable resource for us all…especially important for every thinking Christian.”
—Rev. Dr. Edward J. Bauman, Senior Minister of Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington, DC


  1. What Is the Shroud of Turin?
  2. Early History and the Uncertain Years
  3. The Athens/Besancon/Knights Templar Connection
  4. Solid History for 661 Years
  5. The Biblical Story of the Shroud
  6. Medical Evaluation of the Shroud
  7. The Turin Commission and Research of 1969–73
  8. American Scientists and the Shroud of Turin Research Project
  9. Additional Findings of Sturp
  10. Later STURP Reports
  11. Dating the Shroud; Survival of Ancient Cloth
  12. Forgery and the Critics
  13. Some Answers, Evaluations, and Opinions
  14. Do Miracles Happen Through the Shroud?
  15. The Religious Perspective
  16. How Was the Image Made?
  17. Logical Inference, Circumstantial Evidence, and Forensic Evaluation
  18. Are There Parallels To the Shroud?
  19. The Shroud Face as a Portrait of Jesus
  20. Conclusions: Scientific, Religious, and Personal
    Author’s Afterword
    Selected Bibliography
    Recent Books on the Shroud
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