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“There is no single free nation of greater importance to the security and well-being of the United States than the Philippines. Were this nation to fall to communist insurrection, the entire world strategic balance would be drastically and dangerously altered.
Every American interested in our country’s security and future should read this book.”–Douglas MacArthur II

“Never in the course of our ninety-year-old relations has it been more important for Americans to understand the Philippines–its troubled past, tumultuous present, and uncertain future.
Virtually every basic issue pertaining to the contemporary Philippines is raised in this volume. In essays that vary in style and depth, the history, culture, politics, economics, and foreign policy of the Philippines are set forth in readable fashion. Above all, these essays, taken together, accord complexity its due.”–Robert A. Scalapino, Director, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley

“A crucial time of testing is at hand. Can the Aquino government demonstrate a capacity to shape policies and programs which will address the profound problems of the Philippines and open the road toward viable, long-term solutions?
The outcome carries far-reaching implications for the United States, for our newly-recognized ‘close neighbors’ in the Western Pacific and East Asia, and for Japan and Korea and beyond.
In Rebuilding A Nation an outstanding collection of specialists have examined the issues frankly and with expert knowledge. This is an exceptionally useful and timely volume.”–Leonard Unger, Professor Emeritus, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

The Philippines after Marcos. It’s been covered in countless column inches in newspapers, endless pages in magazines, and hours upon hours in newscasts around the world. But never before has there been such comprehensive analysis of the Philippines and the problems and prospects under the Aquino government by such an eminent group of policy makers and scholars.

Rebuilding A Nation: Philippine Challenges and American Policy takes an in-depth look into the Philippine situation after the Aquino government assumed power. The 32 papers included in this definitive volume were first delivered at a conference held in Washington, D.C., in the spring of 1986 under the auspices of The Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy. It brings together the knowledge and suggestions of a substantial number of American Philippine
specialists, including six present or former members of the Foreign Service. The book is designed to contribute to informed policy making in the United States.

Edited and with an introduction by Carl H. Landé, conference chairman and professor of political science and East Asian studies at the University of Kansas, this scholarly work is conveniently organized into sections on history, the economy, social change, government and politics, internal war and defense, and American policy. Rebuilding A Nation gives readers the complete story from the events that laid the groundwork for the February revolution to political and personal
assessments of Corazon Aquino, to discussions of American policy toward the Philippines in the past and how recent events are likely to affect this strategic relationship.

But the travail of the Philippines is far from over. Solutions will not be found easily, nor will they be achieved quickly. And while the solutions will be Filipino, informed policy making in the United States can be helpful. Toward this end, Rebuilding A Nation provides the most up-to-date analyses by the best minds in the field of Philippine studies. It is comprehensive enough to serve as a good resource for historical information about the Philippines, yet timely enough to evaluate implications for the future...substantive enough for informed policy makers and academic specialists, yet accessible enough for interested laymen.

Rebuilding A Nation enables the reader to be better prepared for the unexpected as well as the probable, as the saga of the Philippine struggle for development unfolds, and for the difficult alternatives that are likely to confront U.S. policy makers.

Table of Contents

Notes on the Contributors
Morton A. Kaplan

Part I. History
1. Introduction: Retrospect and Prospect
Carl H. Landé
2. The Philippines and the United States
Emmanuel M. Pelaez
3. A New Era: An Auspicious Beginning
Stephen J. Solarz
4. The “Yellow Revolution”: Its Mixed Historical Legacy
Theodore Friend

Part II.. The Economy
5. Pressures and Policies: Prospects for Cory Aquino’s Philippines
William H. Overholt
6. Marcos’s Economic Legacy: Problems, Policies, and Prospects for President Aquino and How the United States Can Help
Gustav Ranis
7. The Nationalist View of the Philippine Economy: Criticisms and Proposals
Charles W. Lindsey
8. Philippine Sugar Industry Market Considerations and United States Policy
David Reinah
9. Agrarian Problems and Agrarian Reform: Opportunity or Irony?
Bruce M. Koppel
10. Report on the Discussion: The Philippine Economy, Its Problems, and Some Suggested Policy Approaches
Richard Hooley

Part III. Social Change, Social Needs, Social Policy
11. Peasants and Agricultural Workers: Implications for United States Policy
Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet
12. The Urban Working Class in the Philippines: A Casualty of the New Society, 1972-1985
Robert A. Hackenberg and Beverly H. Hackenberg
13. The View from the Youth Sector
Benjamin N. Muego
14. Political Socialization, Filipino Values, and Prospects for Democracy
Justin J. Green
15. Report on the Discussion: Social Change, Social Needs, and Social Policy
Daniel F. Doeppers

Part IV. Government and Politics
16. President Corazon Aquino: A Political and Personal Assessment
Guy J. Pauker
17. The Political Legacy of Marcos; The Political Inheritance of Aquino
Ross Marlay
18. The Changing Structure of Philippine Government from Marcos to Aquino
David A. Rosenberg
19. Church and State in the Philippines: Some Implications for United States Policy
Robert L. Youngblood
20. A New Philippine Political System
Richard J. Kessler
21. Report on the Discussion: Government and Politics from Marcos to Aquino
Linda K. Richter

Part V. Internal War and Defense
22. The Communist Party of the Philippines and the Aquino Government: Responding to the “New Situation”
Larry A. Niksch
23. Muslim Grievances and the Muslim Rebellion
Lela Garner Noble
24. The Philippine Military After Marcos
William M. Wise
25. The Philippine-American Defense Partnership
Alva M. Bowen, Jr.
26. Report on the Discussion: Philippine Insurgency and the American Bases Question
Robert N. Smith

Part VI. United States Policy and the Philippines
27. United States Policy in the Period Leading to the Declaration of Martial Law and Its Immediate Aftermath
William C. Hamilton
28. Moments of Truth in Philippine-American Relations: The Carter Years
Lee T. Stull
29. United States-Philippine Relations in the 1980s
John F. Maisto
30. The United States-Philippine Strategic Relationship
William H. Sullivan
31. The Case for Ending the Special Relationship and Leaving the United States Bases in the Philippines
Paul M. Kattenburg
32. Report on the Discussion: United States Policy and the Philippines
Francis T. Underhill

CARL H. LANDÉ is professor of political science and East Asian studies at the University of Kansas. He is author of Leaders, Factions and Parties, the Structure of Philippine Politics (1965) and Southern Tagalog Voting, 1946-1963: Political Behavior in a Philippine Region (1972). He is production editor of Pilipinas, A Journal Of Philippine Studies and has served on study missions to the Philippines for the Rockefeller Foundation and the Asia Society.

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