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Reform and Transformation in Communist Systems

Reform and Transformation in Communist Systems
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“In this volume, fifteen well-respected American specialists on the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Asia and the third world examine, from a much-needed comparative perspective, the transformation now under way in communist systems.”–Donald S. Zagoria, Columbia University

“The transformation of communist (or formerly communist) societies is one of the crucial questions of contemporary worldaffairs. This volume provides some systematic and thoughtful studies of changing communist systems in both Europe and Asia. The introduction by Kim and Zacek provides a penetrating overview of the problem.”–Darrell P. Hammer, Indiana University

A wide-ranging examination of the strategies for and impediments to reform in communist countries. Why was the decade of the 1980s a period of such drastic change in the communist world? What elements have made some transformations lasting and other changes apparently reversible? The contributors to this volume offer thorough descriptions and expert analyses of conditions from the Soviet Union to Vietnam, with evaluations of future prospects. Provides invaluable insight into the difficulties confronting transformation, form perestroika to doi moi.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Ilpyong J. Kim & Jane Shapiro Zacek
2. Political Reform in the Soviet Union
Rolf H. W. Theen
3. The Soviet Economy in Transition
Susan Linz
4. Rural Reform in the Soviet Union
Don Van Alta
5. Political Reform in China
Parris H. Chang
6. Economic Reform in China
Joseph Fewsmith
7. Rural Reform in China
Thomas P. Bernstein
8. Revolutionary Change in Eastern Europe
Alexander Pacek & Roger Kanet
9. Hungary: Reform and Transition
Paul Marer
10. Reform in Poland
Andrzej Korbonski
11. Reform in Yugoslavia
Lenard Cohen
12. Reform in North Korea
Ilpyong J. Kim
13. Reform in Vietnam
Douglas Pike
14. Reform in Cuba
Wayne Smith & Andrew Zimbalist
15. Conclusions and Prospects
Jane Shapiro Zacek
About the Contributors
Selected Bibliography

ILPYONG J. KIM is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut, Storrs and is a past president of the New England Conference of the Association for Asian Studies. He is an active contributor in Asian Studies for the American Political Science Association and is the author of several books including The Politics of Chinese Communism: Kiansi Under the Soviets, Communist Politics in North Korea, and Development and Cultural Change: Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

JANE SHAPIRO ZACEK is Director of the Management Resource Project, jointly sponsored by the New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations and the Rockefeller Institute of Government, State University of New York. She has co-edited several volumes on Soviet and East European politics. She has also published a number of journal articles on these general topics. Dr. Zacek holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

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