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Science and the Soul: What We Can Know

Science and the Soul: What We Can Know



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The death of his wife leads a man to investigate what happens to the soul after death. This is an investigation of the scientific evidence and is a comprehensive review of literature dealing with the soul.

“The mystery of the soul, the science of the soul.... [Dudley Gould] has something to say in an incisive book that contains flights of genuine genius. The description of his youthful struggles with meaning are moving and ultimately very powerful. Later in the book, he addresses the meaning of the soul in ways that I found to be new, and rich, and rewarding.”–Whitley Streiber, author of Communion

“For those many readers searching for an intelligent scientific approach to the great mysteries of the soul and infinity I recommend this book. For those who delight in quotations about eternity from the likes of Woody Allen, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain and many others, it is a delicious read.”—Allan Combs, author of Synchronicity and The Radiance of Being

“It is a good book, a good review of all the reasons, recent science included, that compel us to pay attention to the exploration of the soul—and death, reincarnation, and immortality.”—Dr. Amit Goswami, Institute of Theoretical Science, author of The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist's Guide to Enlightenment

“This book is a source of enlightenment to anyone who is seeking answers to the questions of the existence, the nature and the function of the soul. To these individuals the book is a gift whose value cannot be measured. The way it is conceived, written and presented is pure genius.”—Evelyn Stark, poet and author