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Second Fifty Years: A Reference Manual for Senior Citizens

Second Fifty Years: A Reference Manual for Senior Citizens
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By seniors, for seniors: A one-stop total-life resource for all your questions and concerns

Sixty-six million Americans are fifty years old or over, and every year one million Americans retire. For them, retirement can mean the time to explore interests, to travel, to spend with family and friends. Yet aging can also create anxiety about health and personal well being. The Second 50 Years is written for seniors and those who take care of seniors, and offers advice and articles on hundreds of topics, including retirement, housing, travel, physical fitness, sex, money financial aid, long-term healthcare, recreation, and much more. Complete detailed information on "How to," "Where to," and "How Much." Large paperback format! Easy-to-read type!

Upbeat, positive, encouraging-packed with solid advice, ideas, suggestions, warnings-here is practical information on how you can live a happy, healthy, productive life in spite of the changes that come with growing older.

If you are a senior, a soon-to-be senior, or a family member, friend, or professional who deals with seniors, this book will provide you with a detailed look at hundreds of critical issues, including:

  • Senior Rights-Your guarantees under the Older American Act, where to go for housing, meals, legal assistance, care, and support.
  • Insurance-Auto, home, life, long-term care, Medicare, Medigap, Social Security, SSI, SS Disability.
  • Creative Retirement-Volunteering, starting a new career, working part time, traveling, finding hobbies.
  • Health and Diet-Eating right, keeping fit, staying well, proper diet, exercise, vitamins, fiber, salt, controlling cholesterol.
  • Housing-Staying in your own home, using home equity, homesharing, other housing options, retirement communities, nursing homes, living abroad.
  • Finance-Investments, pension protection, real estate, estate planning, trusts, taxes, and more.
  • Medical Issues-Recovering from illness, surgery, or injury, coping with mental illness and depression, recognizing symptoms of diseases, getting the right kind of help.
  • Grandparenting-Discovering its joys, traveling with kids, visitation rights, special concerns of grandparents who must act as parents.
  • Information Please-Addresses and telephone numbers for senior organizations, mutual-help groups, agencies on aging, medical hotlines.
  • Safety and Security-Preventing home accidents, protecting against fire and thieves, avoiding scams and con artists, senior abuse, healthcare fraud, dealing with fear.
  • Medications-Deciphering prescriptions, learning more about your medications for safe use, food and drug interactions, drug reference books worth having, prescription drug abuse.
  • Driving-Tips on operating and maintaining your auto, advice on safety and emergency repairs. Plus, when are you too old to drive?
  • Living Alone-Life after the death of a spouse, overcoming loneliness, getting support, meeting new friends.
  • Consumer Rights-Getting what you pay for, how to complain, where to get help.
  • Travel-Discounts for seniors, health precautions, information on air travel, cruises, and package tours, tipping, traveling with pets, security.

  • If you are approaching 50, 60, 70, 80, or more, or if you deal with any of the 66 million Americans 50 and older, this is your book. You'll learn how to enhance your senior years in scores of ways and avoid mistakes that can frustrate your happiness. In the more than 425 oversized, easy-to-read pages of this book, you'll find the tools you need to make a wonderful life for yourself and those you love in The Second 50 Years.

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