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Sexual Archetypes, East and West

Sexual Archetypes, East and West
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The essays in this important, interdisciplinary book address the growing need to re-examine male-female relationships in varying cultural contexts. The unique focus of this volume is upon the enduring archetypes which have shaped our history as well as those which might aid us in the future. It discusses such troubling and eternal questions as: Do sex roles have an ontological status? Are they culture specific? What role do religions play in shaping the status of women? Can we find and use any liberating archetypes?

A volume in the highly acclaimed God: The Contemporary Discussion series, this book holds appeal at a time when so much attention is being paid to gender-linked roles and functions. Its explication of the subject matter makes it especially timely in light of recent sociological findings.

Of particular importance is the book's potential for reshaping and giving clearer definition to major philosophic and religious issues within the international academic community. The book is certain not only to provide impetus to further research in the field, but will also be highly beneficial to scholars involved in the challenging task of bringing Eastern and Western thought into closer proximity.

BINA GUPTA is associate professor of philosophy at the University of Missouri at Columbia, where she has taught for twlve years, She is the director of the South Asia Language and Arts Center, on the executive committee for the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, and a trustee of the American Institute of Indian Studies.

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IJWP, 4:4, December 1987

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