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Seychelles Global Citizen: The Autobiography of the Founding President

Seychelles Global Citizen: The Autobiography of the Founding President
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Seychelles Global Citizen (Amazon Kindle Edition)

Sir James Mancham was awarded "The Gusi Peace Prize for 2011."

Seychelles Global Citizen is a fascinating read that should not be missed by history buffs."
--Midwest Book Review

There is growing competition for power and influence in the Indian Ocean which is considered the world's pre-eminent energy and trade interstate seaway at the time when China and India find themselves locked in an "uncomfortable embrace." No one is better qualified to tell this story than Sir James R. Mancham KBE, Founding President of the Republic of Seychelles, the 110 idyllic islands archipelago, who was overthrown in a Marxist coup in 1977 while he was in London to celebrate the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Sir James was also the lawyer for Philco-Ford, Pan Am and RCA when the US Air Force decided to build a strategic tracking station in Seychelles to gather military intelligence over the former Soviet Union during the Cold War.

As Prime Minister of Seychelles, Sir James witnessed very closely the establishment by the USA of its most modern naval, air and military complex on the island of Diego Garcia. But Sir James autobiography Seychelles Global Citizen is more than a political treatise about the conflict for power and influence in the Indian Ocean and about Seychelles internal political intrigue and turmoil, it is also the story of a colorful human being who has been dubbed "The Trudeau of the East" and who has also been called "The Ernest Hemmingway of the Indian Ocean."

“James Mancham is the first President of Seychelles, one of several firsts achieved by this remarkable man. There is no doubt that here is a man with the capacity for high office —not only in his own country but also internationally.… He is ambitious, politically shrewd and a devoted Seychellois. He has the flamboyance of a Trudeau, the political determination of a Lee Kuan Yew and the stamina for travel of a Kissinger.”
—Alan Baily,The Times of London

“Mancham hailed, ‘International Ambassador for Peace and Goodwill’.”
Seychelles Nation

"The secret of Mancham’s attraction and understanding of the triumphs as well as the weaknesses of half a century of those testing institutions and ambitions is there for all to see in the sub-title of this work, Global Citizen. Few can achieve that accolade. Mancham is among its finest examples."—Christopher Lee, author of The Sceptered Isle for the BBC, and Seychelles Political Castaways

"I admire Sir James' tenacity and even more than that, his historical reflections as an objective view rather than the subjective. His War on America is my reference point of his organizational abilities which gives me even greater admiration for his achievements; best of all; his devout interest in global peace. I do very much look forward to this new tome."
—Most Reverend Delmer Tripp Robinson, ThD, PhD, EdDM, Archbishop (Emeritus), The Anglican Church USA

"Sir James R. Mancham, the first President of the Republic of Seychelles, has become a visionary and passionate spokesman for the peoples of the small island states, a trail-blazer for peace across the oceans for he is truly a "Global Citizen" and a powerful advocate of our vision of "one human family under God."'
—Jose de Venecia, Five-time Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives, Founding Chairman of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), and Chairman-Emeritus of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).

"Mr. Mancham is the father of his country, and with his superb PR skills, he transformed an obscure backwater into a destination synonymous with the good life. Because of that, he bequeathed to the Seychelles tourism-generated income far beyond what even the most benevolent former colonizer could have offered. And he did so by energetically and skillfully being a man for his nation in all regions." —Washington Times

Historical Briefing
Chapter 1 – Sweet Days of Youth
Chapter 2 – Law Student to Lawyer (1957-1963)
Chapter 3 – Becoming a Politician
Chapter 4 – The Controversy over Constitutional Advancement
Chapter 5 – The Arrival of the Americans
Chapter 6 – Irrevocably Thrust into the 20th Century
Chapter 7 – Among my African Friends
Chapter 8 – Seychelles – A Sovereign Nation
Chapter 9 – The Coup d’Etat of 5th June, 1977
Chapter 10 – Geo-Politics and Western Perfidy
Chapter 11 – Life in Exile as an Entrepreneur
Chapter 12 – The Attempted Counter-Coup
Chapter 12 – Return to Seychelles as ‘Apostle of National Reconciliation’
Chapter 13 – The Universal Peace Federation (U.P.F.)
Chapter 14 – Other Global Commitments
Chapter 15 – Seychelles First Policy and IMF Involvement
Chapter 16 – Power Rivalry in the Indian Ocean and the Arrival of Pirates
Appendix I – Anecdotes
Appendix II – Speeches and Editorials
Appendix III – A Year in the Life of JRM
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Phil Keeler
    I first met Sir James in 1964 (he was “Jimmy” then) and he was only 25. He was just coming into prominence as a political force when I arrived in Seychelles as the Base Operations Manager for Pan American Airways, involved with the U.S. Air Force Tracking Station.

    The recent history of Seychelles has in many ways been a sad one. Less than a year after independence, Mr. F.A. René, who had become Prime Minister on the day of independence, engineered a coup while President Mancham was in London to celebrate the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The coup saw the introduction of the One-Party State Government which itself saw a generation of youth lost to theft and crime because they were denied association with the religions which had before played a vital role in the life and education of their parents.

    Sir James, nonetheless, returned to Seychelles on 12th April, 1992, as the ‘Apostle of National Reconciliation – advocating Peace & National Unity.’ Yet, the important role he has played and continues to play in the history of Seychelles are given short shrift in the current (April 2009) "CIA World Fact Book" pages on Seychelles.

    As an American citizen who has followed closely political development in Seychelles over the years - I am extremely disappointed by the unrevealing nature of the CIA Pages concerning the political situation in this beautiful country. I am therefore looking forward to reading "Seychelles Global Citizen" which I have no doubt, will be informative and most revealing.
  • Author: J C Ahweng
    This autobiography has been long awaited, especially by people who have read Sir James’ earlier books as well as by people who have had the privilege of knowing this ‘one and only one’ and very unique Seychellois and global citizen, not only in terms of the character of the man himself, but also in terms of his extraordinary life journey that has seen him evolved from a simple local boy, local lawyer, the first president of his country, international entrepreneur, apostle of national reconciliation in his country, ambassador of peace and world statesman. The traces left behind by this journey have depicted him as a man of grandeur d'esprit, joix de vivre, compassion, insight, inborn charisma and leadership. This autobiography is a collection of the highlights of that journey as seen from the eyes of the man who made that journey. When a man of such caliber speaks, wise men listen.
  • Author: Jon Sigurdarson
    It is good news that the global citizen, Sir James Mancahm, has found time to write his autobiography and I can hardly wait to read the book. All his previous books have been worth reading and reading over again. Not only are they entertaining and informative of his beloved islands but also bear a witness to his intelligent and analytical mind. During his remarkable life Sir James has befriended an amazing number of interesting people from all walks of life and he has developed a passion for peace and democracy that is unique. I hope that his new book will be widely read, we can all learn from Sir James.
  • Author: Claude Bonte
    I'm looking forward to reading the book. Sir James Mancham is a warm, intelligent, inspiring human being and a true inspiration to all who've ever had to overcome gigantic challenges in life. His commitment and perseverance for peace and democracy are exemplary to all Seychellois living in Seychelles and overseas.

    I very much enjoyed reading "Paradise Raped," "Adages," "War On America As Seen From The Indian Ocean" and "Piece of mind." I can't wait to read "Seychelles Global Citizen." The lessons from all these books are a rare treasure...

  • Author: Ankur Naik
    Sir James Mancham has become the ‘face’ of Seychelles tourism around the world.His charming personality and vivid interests in this global scenario motivates us all to become a better citizen of the world.His being the president and member of so many councils around the world dictates his authority and command over all spheres of life.I am looking forward to get a hand on his autobiography.

    Sqn Ldr Ankur Naik
    ADC to The President of India
  • Author: William Frost, Ph.D.
    In the course of decades the remarkable life of Sir James Mancham has produced monumental markings which deserve to be reported. His dedicated commitments to quality living for the people of the Seychelles as well as of the international community covers many chapters of his ongoing evolution from being a beloved local citizen and politician to an internationally respected leader in the promotion of human rights world wide. This autobiographical account covers the signifant accomplishments as well as the frustrating experiences where Sir James Mancham again and again demonstrated his creative spirituality as recognized repeatedly
    by leaders world wide. These writngs will connect readers with the telling insights of this politician as wel with his great humanity expressed with poetic quality.

  • Author: Amy Code
    Having heard Sir James' passionate speech about the struggle for power in the Indian Ocean, many of us associated with the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah are looking forward to reading "Seychelles Global Citizen." We really enjoyed hosting him at the Institute and learning from his insights.
  • Author: Jacob Ouma
    Sir James Mancham is the most humble influential man i have met.His heart radiates with passion for peace and democracy not only for Seychelles but the world at large.His speeches have always been inspiration to me.Its amazing how he can speak to the young and the old alike and capture both their attention and passion to join in the course he strongly believes in,peace and democracy.Ever since i became the 1st runner up Mr.University International and an Ambassador for Peace, I have always looked upto Sir James as a mentor,a father, a friend and an inspiration to me and the globe.Keep up with your good work Sir and i cant wait to buy my copy of the book!
  • Author: Raymond St Ange
    This is fantastic news! We look forward to reading this latest submission from someone who has contibuted much for not only the Seychelles islands but globally as well. If ever there was an example of a citizen gone 'Global' in a positive way, then it is Sir James Mancham! We enjoy his books, among our favorite is "Paradise Raped" and "War On America As Seen From The Indian Ocean"! Sir James is a good example of what former heads of state can do and should be doing. Seychelles Global Citizen will be on our 'to get list' of books!
  • Author: Madie Adam
    I am very much looking forward to reading your book and having it as a keepsake among other autobiography of people I admire. You are a dear, true friend and our old memories will always be vivid in my mind. Your experiences throughout the book will no doubt be of great interest to me.
  • Author: Yuri Sigov – Washington D.C.
    As U.S. Bureau Chief of the Russian “Business People” magazine in Washington D.C. – I am looking forward to read Sir James Mancham’s autobiography Seychelles Global Citizen. I know that sometimes the smallest countries have the biggest personalities, and these so-called “small people” in fact influence world development much more than big talking bosses from the developed countries. It is great that some respected and wise people as Sir James think not only about “locally minded ideas” but look at the world as everybody’s home.
  • Author: Annie He - Business Centre
    I have just seen the youtube production on the autobiography of Sir James R Mancham who is always a weclomed guest at our Sheraton Towers hotel here in Singapore. I cannot wait to read this autobiography.
  • Author: Alexander De Luca
    I have read “Paradise Raped” – it is a journey – an interesting and thought filled story of a young republic, told with humour and intelligence. And underneath it all Sir James’ writing provides valuable lessons and inspiration on so many important facets of life; love, friendship, loyalty, business, politics and the challenges and wonders and humour that arise from each. I look forward to Sir James’ forthcoming autobiography with great anticipation. – Alexander De Luca, Brisbane, Australia
  • Author: Takehiro Togo - President of the Academic Council, European Centre for Peace and Development -Belgrade, Serbia
    Sir James Mancham is a truly global scale politician. Although born in a small country in the Indian Ocean, he recognised the strategic importance of his nation. His book "War on America - Seen from the Indian Ocean" testifies to this.

    Over recent years, Sir James has played a global role as an intellectual force within the activities of many organisations and forums in the world community. I met Sir James for the first time in 2004 in the Balkans when he agreed to become a member of the Academic Council of the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) which was established in 1985 as an affiliate of the Costa Rica based United Nations University for Peace. ECPD is in fact an educational and research institution in the South Eastern Europe working for peace and stability in the Balkan regions.

    As Chairman of the Academic Council of the ECPD - I have greatly benefited from Sir James's insight and sagacious judgement concerning different situations in the troubled Balkan regions through four conferences which ECPD organised on "National Reconciliation, Religious Tolerance and Human Security". I am therefore eagerly looking forward to read Sir James's autobiography.
  • Author: Dr. L. Milosevic
    Sir James is a truly global citizen and man of peace, very active here in the Balkans region on the issues of national and religious recontiliation. Also, we broatcasted his DVD "Footprints of the Sands of Time" on the Health Channel TV in Belgrade and it was exceptionally well received by the audience.
    Knowing Sir James is a privilege that we all treasure. Therefore, we are looking forward to learn more about his remarquable life from his autobiography.
  • Author: Hon MItchel J Edmond
    We have not had the opportunity to read the book . We have also read no feed back from our community forums. With all Sir James Mancham complain, protests, bitterness about injustice and the injustice done to him. In the name of the past, present and future generation of Seychelles trust he have/did not omit the real political events which made changes possible in COMECON, German reunification, USSR, South Africa then Seychelles 3rd Republic. Equally the many very important economic and social issues which have come about as result of this historic political project. (The much debated SIROP etc., #Exile return program of 1987/8) The important role our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community have played and is playing in supporting and bringing about democratic and social progress in Seychelles.
  • Author: Belinda Robinson, Executive Director Smart Solutions Angola and South Africa
    I must say I could not put down the autobiography of Sir James Mancham of Seychelles after I started reading it Mancham speaks directly to the heart of his people and doing so in a manner which many of us could never do.

    He was kicked out of a job he was doing well for his nation and compelled to live outside his beautiful country, as a political refugee for more than fifteen years of his life and yet came out of it calling for forgiveness and reconciliation.

    Mancham's message lies beyond his words, it lies in his actions. He shows no cynicism, hatred,anger or resentment - instead he shows love and mercy.

    For these reasons I reccommend the reading of this book especially by citizens living in nations subjected to internal turmoil and conflict
  • Author: Thandeka Khoza, Managing Director: Zsa Zsa Trading, Soweto, South Africa
    After reading the book, I am amazed at the striking similarities between Sir James and Madiba(Nelson Mandela). They fought for the same cause.If Seychelles was not a tiny island, he would enjoy the same popularity as Mandela. He deserves it, what an honourable, down to earth man. This book is a must for all South Africans and he has shown that he is indeed the Global Citizen.
  • Author: Ti Fam
    Today, Mancham's reputation as a modern leader with foresight rises above the geo-political landscape of Seychelles. What Mancham has achieved, no one can take it from him. He is simply operating in his own galaxy of world leaders and in his space, there is no room for a mickey mouse statue.
  • Author: From Helen Minsky - diary@dailymail.co.uk - Wednesday 12th August, 2009
    From Helen Minsky - diary@dailymail.co.uk - Wednesday 12th August, 2009 carried the following write up concerning "Seychelles Global Citizen"-

    "Colourful Sir James Mancham, the former President of the Seychelles, has revealed the existence of a mystery royal stalker.

    In his autobiography, "Seychelles Global Citizen", launched yesterday to coincide with his 70th birthday, Sir James, who fled to Britain in the seventies after a Left-wing coup, recalls how Peter Sellers once arranged for Princess Margaret to attend the Seychelles Carnival.

    Now happily back living on the islands, Sir Jimmy tells me the royal visit did not go smoothly. In fact, he had to cancel a breach party (which the Princess had specially asked him to organise) because Lord Snowdon detested a certain guest whom they thought would gatecrash.

    Says Sir Jimmy: "I was told the man was a great friend of the Queen and had followed Margaret all the way to the Seychelles. But Snowdon saw this individual as a pain in the a*** who disrupted their personal life, and was so furious that - friend of the Queen or not - the party was off." And who was Margaret's secret admirer? Says Snowdon diplomatically: "I really couldn't say. I don't remember'."
  • Author: Seychelles Nation - 31st August, 2009
    Ex-president launches autobiography

    Former president James R. Mancham launched his autobiography Seychelles Global Citizen at a special reception at Labourdonnais Hotel in Port Louis, Mauritius, on Thursday 27th August, 2009

    The launch was attended by several leading personalities representing politics, diplomacy, civil society, the business community and representatives of the media.
    Mr Mancham said that as a global citizen, he is arranging to launch his book in capitals around the world – such as Pretoria, London, Washington DC and Berlin – over the next few weeks.
    A similar event is planned for Seychelles on Saturday September 12 when his wife, writing under the professional name of Catherine Olsen, will also launch her new novel Sweet Seduction and the Third Mermaid, an intriguing story evolving in and revolving around Seychelles.
    Mr Mancham said he chose Mauritius for the first launch because he was sure that his autobiography would attract a high level of media attention.
    This has, in fact, proved to be the case. MBC TV news has carried considerable coverage in its Creole, French, Hindi and English programmes, while several national radio networks have broadcast interviews.
    On Friday morning Le Matinal, the most popular morning paper in Mauritius, carried a half-page article under the title: “Sir James Mancham, l’autobiographie d’une vie…”
    Following the launch ceremony, Mr Mancham discussed world affairs with Mauritian Minister of Foreign Affairs Arvind Boolell and later met Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam at his office in Port Louis.
    In his capacity as a special adviser to the board of directors of the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, Mr Mancham invited Mr Ramgoolam to deliver a keynote address in that city in November on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Mr Mancham has also been a special guest of the South African ambassador to Mauritius and Seychelles, Dumi Madumane Matabanet, at a dinner he was hosting for the annual meeting of the Mauritius Writers’ Association.
    On Friday morning, Mr Mancham visited the Apollo Bramwell Hospital, a multi-million dollar project that was recently opened with a range of modern and sophisticated medical facilities.
    The project was built under the directorship of Dr Miodrag Todorovic, who was for several years a leading surgeon in Seychelles. Mr Mancham was welcomed on his arrival at the hospital by Bertrand Rassool (a former Seychelles high commissioner in London), who is vice-president of the British American Investment Group, which substantially financed the hospital project besides being one of the leading business concerns in Mauritius and Southern Africa.
    And in the evening, Mr Mancham was the guest of the Chinese Business Chamber on the occasion of its President’s Dinner 2009, held under the patronage of Mauritian President Sir Anerood Jugnauth.
    Mr Mancham returned in Seychelles on Saturday.
  • Author: FW de Klerk - Former President of South Africa
    "Dear Sir James

    Thank you for the copy of your autobiography, "Seychelles Global Citizen". On glancing through it, I definitely find it interesting and am looking forward to reading it when I have free time available.

    Wishing you well in your future endeavours.

    Kind regards

    FW de Klerk"
  • Author: James A. Michel - President Republic of Seychelles
    "Dear Sir James

    It is a compelling piece of work as evidenced by the research and labour that have been invested in it.

    Yours sincerely

    James A. Michel"
  • Author: Eva Latham President Human Rights Teaching International – The Netherlands
    “Dear Sir James, Dear Global Citizen,

    It is with great pleasure that I have read your autobiography. I have always seen you as a very wise man and now I have more proof that you really are. Even more than that. Your autobiography exposes you as a well balanced, level headed and warm hearted person, always in search for the good for your people and your beloved Seychelles.

    I have read your life story as a thriller owing to the very complicated and unpredictable mechanisms you had to deal with on the political, economical and social levels. Sometimes I felt sad to read how negative politics and politicians could ruin people’s lives. You mentioned many shocking things as the coup and the aftermath, but what for me reveals the political evil the most, is the fact that a simple song as “La Paloma Blanca” was forbidden…how low can one go !!! At the same time I was happy to see that notwithstanding all you had to deal with, you showed character and wisdom and so you overcome all in the end. I enjoyed your sense of humor even in the most distressful situations as the one you went through with Joubert in Algeria (p.51 etc), when the host mistook you for representatives of your enemies, so to say.

    Your autobiography gives insight into the psychological mindset of the evil politicians you had to stand up to and tells a story all people should know. Your travels to Africa and your experience with some leaders I hope someday could be a book on itself. Reading that part (p 71 etc) I was torn between two feelings: cry or laugh. In the end I did neither, but got angry.

    Thank you for adding my picture to the fantastic overview you give on your social network. You are really a Global Citizen. I do hope the world will keep profiting from your experience and wisdom and I do know you will be happy to share with us as you have always done. I am more than happy to know you personally.

    Warm regards,

    Eva Latham”
  • Author: Jenny Shepherd
    Thank you James for this amazing book , Just started reading it and can't put it down , look forward to catching up in London .
    Warm wishes
  • Author: Simeon II R - Former King of Bulgaria
    “At very long last I come to thank you ever so much for having sent me your book. What a fascinating and interesting story! I was amused to find such a number of common friends, and you will forgive me for using the cliché “it’s a small world”…
    Now at last, and at age 72, I am a “free citizen” with time and fortunately the necessary energy, to pursue other activities which includes enjoying the reading of your book.
    Yours very cordially,
    Simeon II R.”

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