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Shamanism and Personal Mastery: Using Symbols, Rituals, and Talismans

Shamanism and Personal Mastery: Using Symbols, Rituals, and Talismans
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"Scott's readers are given the opportunity to do their own field work using their own shamanistic experiences as their starting point. It is this pattern of throwing the readers back upon their own resources that not only leads to entertaining reading, but which will also empower many readers of Shamanism and Personal Mastery."
--­­Stanley Krippner, Professor of Psychology at Saybrook Institute and distinguished Professor of Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies

SHAMANISM AND PERSONAL MASTERY is a hands-on, practical guide to using shamanic techniques to tap the personal power within each of us.

Shamanism, the practice of gaining power or producing magic through altered states of consciousness, has long been considered the exclusive realm of mystics and medicine people. However, from her studies with a master shaman, Gini Graham Scott knows that the essential powers of shamanism are present in all of us and can be discovered and developed with self-training to help us achieve our most ambitious goals.

Drawing on the wisdom of the Eastern shamans, the teachings of the Native Americans, and the ancient traditions described in the writings of Carlos Castaneda and Lynn Andrews, Scott demystifies shamanism and shows how it can be an accessible means of uncovering and focusing personal power. She offers simple exercises and visualization techniques that everyone can use to achieve empowerment: using power words and rituals; creative visualization and consciousness projection; dream recall and analysis; and using personal power objects.

You will learn to:

  • Use traditional power objects (the staff, sword, and crystals) and create your own talismans
  • Perform rituals to focus your energy and realize your goals
  • Recall, analyze, and program your dreams
  • Project your consciousness to travel to other places and times
  • Communicate with your inner voice and other spiritual guides

Shamanism and Personal Mastery also shows how many everyday activities can be used as shamanic techniques and highlights various principles that contribute to success in using these methods, such as displaying patience, courage, commitment, and honor.

GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, Ph.D., president of Changemakers and Creative Communications and Research, is a writer, game and toy designer, seminar leader, and business consultant She studied for two years with a master shaman, and is the author of three books about these experiences: Secrets of the Shaman, The Shaman Warrior, and Shamanism for Everyone.

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