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Silencing the Lone Assassin

Silencing the Lone Assassin
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Canal has done his research
"Mr. Canal has obviously done his research and this book does not disappoint. All in all, I found Silencing the Lone Assassin easy to read, refreshingly (and tastefully) humorous at times, and informative. Whether you accept his theory about the death of Lee Harvey Oswald or not, it is a good read and would be a valuable addition to your library."
--Stephen E. Lewis

A Must Read!
Amazon.com reviewer: Kathy Arguin from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
...I was skeptical. Well, I wouldn't have bet on it, but, by the time he presented this controversial, if not, somewhat incredible explanation about Oswald's murder, I was a believer. And, who would have thought a simple library card, that Oswald supposedly used, could turn out to be such an important part of the evidece in this case? Canal shows why...in detail.I guarantee this book will change popular opinion on this case. Conspiracy? I don't think so.....not after reading this!

I still think there was a conspiracy, However . . .
Amazon.com Top Ten reviewer: Michael Woznicki
You ever disagree on a topic and then later find out that maybe you might not have all the facts? In my case, this is the assassination of JFK. I have read over thirty books on the assassination and most point to a conspiracy. Along comes John Canal and maybe, just maybe I need to rethink my position.

An absolute "must read" for just about anyone!
Amazon.com reviewer: David Shultz from Hawaii
Finally, a book on the Kennedy assassination that addresses all conspiracy theory "loose ends" and ties them up in a nice, neat package.

Compelling !
Amazon.com reviewer: Jeff Neal from Cleveland, OH USA
Canal has written a very readable book in which he methodically covers the key aspects of the JFK assassination without getting the reader lost, bored, or sidetracked into the minutiae of less significant side-issues.... I thought Canal's presentation (in his Chapters III and IV) of 16 points of evidence made it clear, beyond any doubt (alledged impersonator tape recording considered), that the "real" Lee Harvey Oswald did travel to Mexico City in late September '63. In my opinion, this is a must read.

Excellent Book!
Amazon.com reviewer: Joe Cossuth from Florida
This book is a must for any serious history buff! Obviously John Canal has done what no other author has done--that is to back up his theories with facts. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy has received more attention and analysis, perhaps, than any other single event, much less murder, in American history. While, officially, according to the Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald alone assassinated JFK, other investigators, researchers, and authors have pointed fingers at the CIA, FBI, Mafia, Anti-Castro Cuban exiles, Pro-Castro Cubans, military industrial complex, ultra right wing activists, and, yes, even President Johnson! In fact, if every shooter from even half of all the conspiracy books were actually present in Dealey Plaza when JFK’s motorcade passed through, there would have been more lead flying around than there was at Gettysburg! Kennedy’s limo would have had more bullet holes than Bonnie and Clyde’s Ford when deputies gunned them down. Consequently, many, if not most Americans don’t know what to believe about the assassination of President Kennedy.

History has been begging the arrival of a definitive book that leaves no doubt whatsoever as to what happened on that dark day in Dallas 36 years ago. Silencing the Lone Assassin is that book!

The author presents in a logical, easy-to-read format, key evidence in the case and includes important new information regarding the bullet fragments removed from the President’s head, a late [and fatal] change in the motorcade route, and the Mob’s “silencing” of Oswald. In addition, he solves a mystery that has for much too long, perplexed other authors and researchers, about a “library card,” reportedly borrowed by the alleged assassin from Mob emissary and soldier of fortune, David Ferrie.

Indeed, Silencing the Lone Assassin finally “closes the case” on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Table of Contents
List of Figures
Chapter 1: The Gunmen or Gunman?
Chapter 2: Meet Lee Harvey Oswald
Chapter 3: No Conspiracy
Chapter 4: Not an Act
Chapter 5: Points of No Conspiracy
Chapter 6: Lee’s Motive
About Part II
Chapter 7: Oswald in the Big Easy
Chapter 8: The Assassin’s Fate is Sealed
Chapter 9: A Chronology
Chapter 10: The Key Facts
Final Thoughts
Appendix I: Why Jack Ruby “Hit” Oswald for the Mob
Appendix II: Chronology–The Life of Lee Harvey Oswald
Appendix III: Chronology–The Life of Jack Ruby
Appendix IV: Journal of the American Medical Association
(JAMA) Report on the Autopsy of JFK
Appendix V: Overview of the Mock Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald and
the Testing by Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, Inc. on the JFK Assassination
Appendix VI: Tests and Analyses on the Assassination Bullet
Fragments and Specimens

JOHN CANAL is a retired United States Air Force veteran with a background in electronic systems analysis. He has spent seven years researching the Kennedy assassination.

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