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Souls, Slavery and Survival in the Molenotech Age

Souls, Slavery and Survival in the Molenotech Age
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Powerful and Passionate
“…It is a powerful and passionate insight into the painful future we will soon inherit if we ignore the messages in these pages. Souls, Slavery, and Survival in the Molenotech Age is a unique and important addition to the warning that unless all of us earthlings become concerned about technology and those individuals (controllers) who push it, we will inherit a devastated future for our offspring. The author expresses his message in most vivid terms, illustrating every statement he makes with appropriate examples of environmental degradation. This book is appropriate for all serious readers from scientists to the general population. I very highly recommend this book.”—Samuel P. Oliner, Professor of Sociology, Humboldt State University

Significant, powerful, and important
“This significant book is powerful, important, and outlines a concerning insight into the future. I recommend everyone to read about the chilling consequences we will face, if we ignore the serious and detrimental implications of technology...in the very near future.”—Lillian Zdunowski from Pacific Grove, CA USA

Informative and imaginative
“What Lin Sten has done is present scenarios, through information and imaging, of technological consequences far vaster than any new venture financial model can. In this Internet Age, his prediction, ‘...though information will become more accessible to the average person, determination of its veracity (or relevance) will be much more remote...’ reads chillingly true. Right now, ‘mega’ media mergers are concentrating media control and distribution channels. His age of ‘controllers’ and cabals emerges. People with a bias to action should read this book.”—Ellen Lapham, executive and entrepreneur, Silicon Valley, California

Imagine an army of computer-created robots the size of a pinhead churning through rocks and rearranging the molecules into food; or conversely converting all living things into gray dust. Science fiction or the reality of the next decade? Molecular nanotechnology (molenotechnology), the associated increase in machine intelligence, and global digitization of society are advancing so rapidly and are synergistically leading to such incredible changes that few of us will be able to comprehend.

Society is always faced with questions about what new technologies are used for and who benefits. In the revolutionary changes of the next decade some will have miraculous enhancements to their existence, others will be faced with the question of whether they survive.

Table of Contents
Acronym List
Chapter 1: Evolving Technological Capability
Chapter 2: Future Technological Dependence
Chapter 3: New Alliances
Chapter 4: New Battlegrounds
Chapter 5: The Ruling Class
Chapter 6: Cabals
Chapter 7: Blindness
Chapter 8: Sacrifice
Chapter 9: Global Holocaust
Chapter 10: Summary
Chapter 11: Epilogue—Hope

LIN STEN is a lecturer of mathematics in the California state university system. He worked for many years as a software and hardware developer, simulation test engineer, and global communication systems analyst. He writes both fiction and non-fiction.

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