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Success 101 for Teens: 7 Traits for a Winning Life

Success 101 for Teens: 7 Traits for a Winning Life
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Success 101 for Teens: Amazon Kindle Edition

Filled with practical and motivational advice and inspirational true-life stories, Success 101 for Teens is a guide for teens who want to fulfill their true potential, and become everything they aspire to be. It looks at the seven most important traits and characteristics teens need to live a positive, fulfilling life—determination, responsibility, confidence, love, persistence, dreams, and attitude—and how to incorporate those characteristics into everyday life.

"I recommend Success 101 for Teens not only for teenagers but for people of all ages. Mark Hansen has a great deal to say, and he says it in ways that are easily understandable and memorable."
—Frank T. Brogan, Chancellor, State of Florida University System [From the Foreword]

"This is must reading for any teen or parent who desires a fail-safe formula for success."
—Arthur C. Johnson, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools, Palm Beach County, Florida

"Mark Hansen hits the nail right on the head with this insightful guide for youth to succeed in life. While all 7 traits depicted here are crucial to the development and success of our youth his focus on the importance of the "Classroom of Life" being the greatest of all teachers is very compelling. Mark does an exemplary job of deconstructing complex subjects about personality traits that provide a wonderful guide for youth to use on a daily basis to guide them and inspire them. This is a fast paced and readable book that youth can grab to use on their success journey!"
—Jorge L. Arrizurieta, Chair, International Policy Group, Akerman Senterfitt and (Former) United States Executive Director, Inter- American Development Bank

"Hansen is in tune with and connected to what our youth need in this complex world."
—Bob Beamon, Olympic world record holder in the long jump

"Though the title of this book refers to teens, adults without a doubt can learn many valuable lessons as well. I certainly have."
—Charles P. Garcia, former member of Florida's State Board of Education and author of A Message from Garcia

"My hope is that every teen will read this book and become the person they aspire to be. By following the book's seven habits and traits, they will learn that they can do it."
—Rich DeVos, Co-Founder, Amway Corp. Owner, NBA Orlando Magic

"Packing a powerful punch for teens, this book is a jackpot of life-changing steps to help young people achieve their dreams. Not only are the stories amusing and light-hearted, but the message leaves a lasting impression that will positively influence any teen's future."
—Nido Qubein, President, High Point University Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

"A powerful and inspiring book that is long overdue! Success 101 for Teens will touch the heart and soul of every Teen, Parent and Teacher. It is a must read and should be used by schools around the country to promote core family values."
—Frank McKinney, author of Make It BIG! and Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach To Real Estate Success

"As a professional football player in the National Football league with the Baltimore Ravens, I can't stress the importance of Success 101 for Teens that Mark Hansen writes about in his new book. The seven traits are so important for our teens to learn and live by and are so needed in today's world, more now than ever. This book should be read by all teens and parents."
—Mike Flynn, former NFL football player, Baltimore Ravens

"Mr. Hansen has successfully used his own experiences to write a comprehensive guide for teens. He has proven his successes in business and in his community as a school board member. Mr. Hansen truly sets an example for what can be accomplished if you are determined and have the will to succeed. The principles set forth by Mr. Hansen will inspire our youth to strive for greatness."
—Senator Jeff Atwater, 25th District, Florida

"Our Mothers taught us that we become our habits and Mark's collection of habits and traits are the characteristics that will cause teens to become a person others respect and follow."
—Dr. David E. Fry, former President, Northwood University

"Mark Hansen builds character and self-esteem in others. Here is a roadmap to finding both during years when so many feel lost."
—Keith Ablow, MD, author of Living the Truth

1. Determination
2. Responsibility
3. Confidence
4. Love
5. Persistence
6. Dreams
7. Attitude
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Margaret Cohen
    Success 101 for TEENS is a magical gift of wisdoms to the reader. Wise parents should should see this as required reading for their themselves and their youngsters who are about to enter their teens and for have entered that very difficult time in their lives. Success 101 for teens is also a must read for the many people facing insurmountable problems at this of time in the world when all are affected by the financial crisis. I am 60 years old and the steps outlined in this wonderful simple little book I used when myself when my son was a teenager. Today he he is a responsible young man making his way through Medical School. The authors tell you the real truth with a deep compassion for others and the gift of their own wisdom.

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