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Success 101 for Teens: Dollars and Sense for a Winning Financial Life

Success 101 for Teens: Dollars and Sense for a Winning Financial Life
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In a generation of financial uncertainty, it’s time to not only look at ways to fix the problem, but ways to prevent it. Young adults are leaving school without being equipped to handle their financial future. Finally, here is a resource for teens to learn the tools for a financial winning life.

This book, authored by Mark Hansen and Kevin S. Ferber, is packed with ideas and resources to achieve financial success. In easy-to-understand language, teens will learn concepts like compounding interest, paying yourself first, budgeting, saving for a rainy day, setting financial goals, and much more. Teens will learn how to avoid mistakes such as credit card debt, overdrawing accounts, and spending more than you earn, just to name a few. These are time-tested ideas for life-long prosperity. This book is the nuts and bolts for dollars and cents along with "dollars and sense."

Written in a friendly, fun, and easy-to-understand format that young adults will enjoy, Success 101 for Teens: Dollars and Sense for a Winning Financial Life is a resource no teen should be without. It will empower teens to take control of their financial futures, guaranteeing them the life they deserve. Mark Hansen and Kevin Farber hit it out of the park again with their newest addition to the SUCCESS 101 FOR TEENS series.

"Mark Hansen hit a homerun in his dollars and sense approach to achieving financial success. This book is a must read with incredible value."
--Jeff Atwater, Chief Financial Officer, State of Florida

"This easy-to-understand book lays out in simple terms a sound approach to managing money and creating wealth. I am buying it for all my teenagers."
--Charles P. Garcia, best-selling author of Leadership Lessons of the White House Fellows and A Message from Garcia

"Think about it. Where do our kids get their financial literacy – the TV? In school? Really, neither, until it is too late – if ever. Well, Mark Hansen changes everything with his new book. Hansen teaches kids about money when they need to learn – early! Schools across the country should make this book required reading."
--Frank McKinney, best selling author, The Tap and Make it Big! 49 Secrets for Building a Life of Extreme Success

"Once again, Hansen hits the mark with his passion and effectiveness for empowering and inspiring teens. It's about time we began educating our youth to become financially successful and responsible. This book is packed with simple easy to follow ideas and principles that teens can put into action today!"
--Allen West, U.S. Congress

“Finally, a book to teach teens how to handle their money through simple common sense guidelines.”
--Dennis P. Gallon, Ph.D., President, Palm Beach State College

"Mark's book is a helpful tool for any teenager or parent to bridge the gap from the teenage years to adulthood. You have a must read book here - it is informative and practical. This book is loaded with the tools and answers it takes to be a huge success in today's marketplace."
--Omar Periu, best-selling author, CEO of Omar Periu International

"Mark Hansen has written a book that can set young people on the path to successful, productive, happy lives. We are very proud that he is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University."
--Mary Jane Saunders, Ph.,D., President, Florida Atlantic University

"Education is key! Why don't our schools teach our younger generations to become financially literate? If this was required for ALL teens, we wouldn't be in the financial position we are in now. This is a must read for every teenager out there! As we know, the one area in life that every single person eventually has to deal with is money. It is about time there is a book that will provide a road map...a blue print for our teens to become financially successful."
--Jorge L. Arrizurieta, Chairman & CEO, Arrizurieta & Associates LLC, Trustee, Florida International University, and the former Director, Inter-American Development Bank

"The attributes touched upon in Hansen's new book; planning, education, savings, generosity, goal setting, and budgeting provide a "solid" framework for building young entrepreneurs. This book is filled with content and spells out the "how-to" for teens to be successful."
--Dr. Nido R. Qubein, President, High Point University, Chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Company

"Mark Hansen has the prescription for teens to win financially. If we could distribute this book to every teenager in America, we would all be enriched. Hansen is a great financial guru for those emerging into adulthood. I gave the book to my own daughter, the minute I was done reading it! "
--Keith Ablow, M.D., Psychiatrist, NY Times Bestselling Author and Fox News Contributor

"An invaluable book to teach teens how to spend wisely, save wisely, give wisely, and most importantly, feel empowered by their own financial decisions, both now and in the future. A must-read for all teens, and a great refresher course for adults who may be reeling from today's economic climate."
--Robin Toback, Nationally Certified School Psychologist