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Sufism: The Mystical Doctrines and Methods of Islam

Sufism: The Mystical Doctrines and Methods of Islam
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"When I first encountered this little book, I thought it was some sort of book for children. It was so short, I reasoned, that it could not be anything else.

After reading it, I realized that if I were to recommend one book on Sufism to an interested beginner on the subject, I would recommend this. Not that it is superficial -- far from it! It is concise, precise, and extremely well-written. It ties together ideas that you would otherwise need to read several books to grasp. Most interesting is the section on how Sufism relates to Christianity and Judaism. Highly recommended!" –Thomas F. Ogara (reviewed on Amazon.com)

“The author of this book is deeply concerned with the crisis of modern man, and his book is no mere academic study but a presentation of Sufism as one possible way of salvation.... The book may be commended as presenting Sufism in a form in which it is a possible option for people in Western societies.”Professor W. Montgomery Watt in Events

“Useful...adorned with good illustrations...contains many important points clearly expressed.”–Professor Annemarie Schimmel in Bibliotheca Orientalis

“A dependable exposition.... The author makes some interesting parallels with apophatic theology in eastern Christianity.”–Bishop Kenneth Cragg in The Tablet

“Dr. Stoddart provides a straightforward introduction to subjects of great depth and complexity.... One outcome of such a book as Dr. Stoddart’s should be that Christians are encouraged to look for allies among their Muslim friends and fellow citizens, in the fight to strengthen the good and combat evil in our society.”–Dr. Charis Waddy in The Islamic Quarterly

A concise, lucid and widely acclaimed introduction to the fundamental doctrines and practices of Sufism, the inward or mystical dimension of Islam.

Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Foreword by R. W. J. Austin
1. The Religion of Islam (Shari‘a)
2. Islamic Esoterism Haqiqa)
3. The Mystical Path (Tariqa)
Appendix–quotations relating to Sufism
(a) from the Qur’an
(b) from the Traditions (ahadith)
(c) from the Sufis
Further Reading

Sufism has been translated into several languages.