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The Secret of Bog Lane

The Secret of Bog Lane
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An autistic boy who has vanished from his six acre yard...an ancient Amazonian legend about a river god clothed in pure white...an elegant home with a vast, tropical garden in its basement...an unlikely love affair in the depths of the world's largest rain-forest...a hideous presence on a dead-end street in an historic American town...and a covert scientific project that could alter the course of human civilization. These are some of the mysteries that set the stage for The Secret of Bog Lane--a story that unfolds in present day Brazil and Massachusetts. In each region, a cast of memorable characters must come to grips with an insidious form of evil. In the balance hang a peaceful and natural way of life, a small American family, and a six year old boy in search of acceptance.

"When you pick up a book set in America’s Hometown, you can usually expect a history lesson, full of the 17th century famine, feast and faith of our Forefathers. Other authors have simply co-opted the famous name, depositing little more than the word Plymouth on their pages for locals to recognize. You certainly don’t expect a spell-binding mystery, sci-fi inspired monsters or a journey from Cranberry Country into the rain forests of the Amazon.

But in Americo Tupilano’s new novel, The Secret of Bog Lane, all this works delightfully well.

Tulipano’s writing is sophisticated without being stuffy, sensitive but never sappy. The book’s “secret” is tantalizingly unwrapped, drip by horrific drip, leaving the reader unable to walk away without eking out just one more juicy bit.

The author also skillfully weaves together two intertwining story lines, jumping chapter to chapter between cultures and continents, without so much as a ripple in the continuity of the plot or the subtly developed theme.

The historic setting proves appropriate, however, as Tulipano’s diverse, dimensional and approachable characters develop into a crew of 21st century pilgrims each on their own journey of faith into their own new worlds.

But be forewarned! Readers who live near a cranberry bog will never be able to gaze on it again in quite the same way."--Tamson W. Burgess, editor, Old Colony Memorial and wickedlocalplymouth.com