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Too Much Medicine: A Doctor's Prescription for Better and More Affordable Healthcare

Too Much Medicine: A Doctor's Prescription for Better and More Affordable Healthcare
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“What we need to know about medical testing could fill a book. Thankfully, Dennis Gottfried wrote it. Dr. Gottfried’s engaging and thoughtful look at the medical industry is must reading for anyone who goes to a doctor, or might conceivably need one someday.”
--Alan Colmes, Fox News

Too Much Medicine describes how medical decisions are made and why concern for the patient’s well-being may get overlooked by financial motives and defensive medicine.

Written by a busy physician in active practice, Too Much Medicine is foremost about providing people with the best healthcare. Gottfried understands the strengths and weaknesses of American medicine and explains in plain language the reasons for needless, excessive, and often harmful healthcare, and how to prevent it.

Dr. Gottfried has a long first-hand knowledge of how medical decisions are made and why concern for the patient’s well-being often gets muddied by less noble, and often more expensive, motives that cause medical costs and health insurance rates to skyrocket. In the process of explaining the failures of our medical system, Dr. Gottfried provides information that will enable readers to take control of their own medical destiny, as well to offer solutions to the question of what our government can do about Too Much Medicine, and the dramatic reduction in health care costs.

Table of Contents
1. The Golden Age of Medicine, Tarnished: How Health Care Has Evolved
2. Disease Fiefdoms: Hot the Glut of Specialists Hurts Our Health
3 The Little Purple Pill: How the Pharmaceutical Industry Peddles Drugs
4. Cultural Snapshot: How Consumer and Advocacy Groups Influence Medicine
5. The Sword of Damocles: How the Threat of Malpractice Suits Injures Medical Care
6. In the Beginning: How America Created the Business of Birth
7. Balloons, Stents, and Knives: The Heart of the Matter
8. Below the Belt: Prostate Cancer Screening
9. A New Cottage Industry: Looking for Colon Cancer
10. The Breast Decision: Mammograms: Hope or Reality
11. When the Bone Breaks: The Osteoporosis Industry
12. At the End: The High Cost of Dying in America
13. Transforming our Diseased Health Care System: Proposals for Cure

Dr. Gottfried introduces his book on Charter Community Television Channel 13 Winsted, CT

"'Listen to your doctor,' as the old adage goes, has significantly changed over the last 30 years. Now instead it’s listen to the advertisements on TV, listen to the recommendation of your health plan, follow the recommendations of the advocacy group involved with your disease, and listen to whomever else might have an opinion on your health.

Dr. Dennis Gottfried has over 30 years of experience as a general internist and gives us a perspective on whom we should be listening to that is vastly different from the way many of us now sample our healthcare. The American menu is quite a buffet of health care options and, instead of bellying up to the bar, Gottfried suggests some restraint. His arguments, his evidence, and his stories are quite remarkable. What the future holds may not be more of the same as he argues that more of the same is really not what we need as individuals or as a society. His comments may presage the rebirth of primary care.

Dr. Gottfried has some support from the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Family Practice. There is also increasing government awareness that would lead us back home. In fact, the “medical home”, a proposal first brought forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics over 25 years ago, is gaining strength. Dr. Gottfried looks at the needs of the individual vs. the needs of society and at balancing wants with the evidence that will provide the best benefit for the risks involved.

This work is thorough, referenced without bias, and contains good advice and a workable prescription for better health care. I trust Dr. Gottfried’s advice and highly recommend this book."
--Eric G. Tangalos, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Chair (Emeritus), Primary Care Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

“Dr. Gottfried has written a penetrating analysis of U.S. health care in the 21st century. He describes how science, politics, and emotions have influenced the development of the system that exists today. His insights and conclusions are supported by research findings in the medical literature as well as by interesting patient stories from his personal practice of medicine. He directly and honestly addresses a wide range of controversial topics, from patient autonomy and allocation of limited resources to the influence of the pharmaceutical industry and evidence-based medicine. Dr. Gottfried’s book is clearly and persuasively written, with concise take-home messages for the reader. This book will educate and stimulate those who are interested in participating in the dialogue about what is right and what is wrong in American medicine today and the next steps we as a nation must take.”
--Lynn Y. Kosowicz, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

“This book helps open dialogue on the complex forces at work in modern medicine, and promotes the idea that, to get the best results, you need to find and establish a relationship with a primary care physician you can trust.”
--Dr. Bruce Leppink, M.D., Family Practice Physician, St. Paul, Minnesota